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    Hacking movie player and picture viewer,

    Hi, I have a supercard and superkey and i've converted video and pictures but now i need some viewing software.. so what im looking for is good software that is safe to put on my SD card. Any good recomedations?
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    Hacking nes on supercard

    just got my supercard and superkey and ds backups and gba work great but i cant get the NES to work. Im not sure if im doing this correctly with the software. Do i need an emulator on the SD card? any help would be great!
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    ROM Hack roms online

    just wondering, Can you play roms through something like a supercard online? like mario kart and metroid? or will you get booted like xbox live when you play with copies?
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    Hacking DS lite flashing help

    Hi, I asked one question earlier and got some help and now I have one final question. Im planning on getting a DS lite this week, im a little worried about flashing it manually since I heard of the problems people were having. Is it safer to just get a passkey card and do it that way? Because...
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    Hacking bricking

    Hi, Im new to the DS and before I get one I was just wondering how common it is for people to Brick their system? Im planning on getting a DS lite this week, but im a little scared.. Any advice would help. Thanks
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