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    'Forspoken' delayed to October

    Let me get out some hate. If you delay a game Mr. publisher, firstly move the release date on the official stores and then Announce the delay. I connected to Playstation Store and the release date is still May.....
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    Hacking Vita Help - sd2vita without a memory card

    Read this may help. I am quite rusty but I think by opening the storage_config.txt file in SD2Vita and changing the values of storage to use as "main" the SD2Vita you can bypass the official. I think the following bullets MCD=uma0 REMOVE if exists...
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    Question about Universal Updater

    Assuming that you chose to download the file on SD card. It's been a long time to use Universal Updater. However, check application settings it may show the download folder of such files and may differ than the 3dsx path (ex. /3ds/folder/folder.3dsx). If the path is different, try to use FBI to...
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    I feel as though video games are the most underrepresented medium of preservation compared to other art forms like Books, Music and Movies.

    To be honest I never cared how they handle video games as media. I expect politics etc but I just don't care even if they release a game where minorities are handled as they must. It is like playing football and stopping the game to ask the other "what do you think about X". Create good stories...
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    PS2 Emulation on PS4 is Impressively Good.

    Thank you very much for showcasing us the games you played. I tried the PS3 PS2 emulator using HEN and the results were mediocre and I still have sly and ratchet games sitting over there when bought them due to incorrect marketing that all PS3 models will play PS2 Games. So when the exploit was...
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    180GB Freespace missing?

    If I remember correctly when installing a PS4 Game the system reserve three different sizes, one is the look-ahead download for example the next 1 GB, the size of the game and a part of the next downloads. For example, if a game is 64 GB system will reserve about double the amount. However, I am...
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    CFW detects phantom controller keypresses

    Can you please check from Bluetooth Devices that any other Bluetooth device is not connected? They may interfere EDIT: if youtube prompt you that a headset is on then maybe you have forgotten a headset connected. Even if you haven't it near you please disconnect them all and try again. To give...
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    CFW detects phantom controller keypresses

    I will play the stupid card of the prank from someone but probably you would have known it until now. But in a realistic case, first disconnect everything and watch how the PS3 behave when you connect each controller one by one with some button smashing and a 10 minutes gap between each new...
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    Playstation 5 Pulse 3D Headset

    It is something between PS4 Gold and PS4 Platinum. I suppose a PS4 Gold Upgrade with adding 3D Sound
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    Hacking Got black screen with blue light and wifi light on! HELP!!!!

    Thank you for mentioning the resolution. Now, if I see the same error I will consider first disabling the camera.
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    Hacking Got black screen with blue light and wifi light on! HELP!!!!

    I had an issue like this sometimes on my initial use of cfw but usually, it was the initialization process with or without an SD card that something cannot be initialized correctly such as Luma or if I have many games installed in one Card. Probably see how to reinitialize luma file???
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    Hardware Nintendo Switch 1TB sd card best option

    I don't know what you bought but my Sandisk has little to no difference in size from my 512GB one
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    Hardware Nintendo Switch 1TB sd card best option

    I don't temper with hacking devices until they are "old", to create my own backups and keep them inside my switch until unavoidable device death. So now no (even my device is always the latest firmware), but later sure.
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    Gaming I need a little help modding my Sony PS Vita PCH-1000 OLED 3.52 firmware At the end of the page, there is "Getting started" press it and follow step by step Read this carefully. The best current version is I think 3.60 with enso and hencore.
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    Hardware looking to buy my first vita have questions

    Easy to mod and I preferred the 100x psvita with 3G due to OLED. Everything, called SD2VITA version 5.0 or higher I think is ok. Usually, they are of poor quality so expect issues. You must know that sometimes plugins may fail and cannot read sd2vita and you may need to remove sd2vita card...
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    Hardware Wii component cable vs HDMI adapter

    The first is a converter. Upscaling is the term you have in your mind about picture quality and you may search for. I think a Marseille product may do the upscaling job together with the HDMI converter. As you can understand the combo is quite pricey, but I think the picture quality may be very...
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    Hacking ps vita slim with henkaku orange light blinks when pressing on the power button wont power on

    I have the phat and i meet this issue here and there when I first installed sd2vita. Try to enter recovery mode: – Turn OFF your PS Vita (Press Power Button for 10 seconds) – Now press and hold “R” + Power + PS Button I think the rebuild the database may help. Be sure that your PSVITA is...
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    Hacking Problems with my 900gb usb drive, help.

    Be sure to use a Y-cable ( or a USB HDD wall powered (like western digital my book). If you are lucky your disk is corrupted and a format is your only solution...
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    Gamers are "ready" for $70 games, says Take-Two CEO

    I can understand their need to increase the games price due to the high costs of the "next-gen texturing" which needs newer SKUs and working computers. However, I think (please correct me if wrong) the best option is the same price and graphics for the next 2-3 years and companies try to fix...
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    Hardware Nintendo Switch 1TB sd card best option

    sorry to bump this thread again but i found a less expensive variant of sandisk Will be the speed of this one fast enough for switch or I will have problems? Official site say transfer speed...
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