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    Hacking Moonshell Problem

    Hi, I have been having a problem with Moonshell. If I install it and use the default skin I can access the options menu without any problems. However, if I skin Moonshell, then when I try to access the options menu it freezes. If I go back to the original skin for Moonshell, then I can access...
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    Hacking Pokemon Migration

    Hi, I am having trouble migrating Pokemon from Fire Red on my EZIV Lite to Diamond on my CycloDS. Here is what I did: -Patched Diamond w/ PokePatch 3-in-1 V2. -Loaded Fire Red onto my EZIV Lite w/ EZ4 Client. I made sure the save type was set to 128k Flash. From here, I load up Diamond from...
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    Hacking Slim Slip-in-Pouch Hi, I'm thinking of buying this product to carry my DSL around in and was wondering if anybody has used it before and can offer some insight before I purchase it. Thank you.
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    Hacking Flashcards homebrew?

    I was wondering if there is any homebrew on DS that allows you to make flash cards for memorizing and studying? I didn't know how to go about searching for such a homebrew cause the keyword "Flashcard" doesn't really turn up anything pertaining to what I'm looking for. Thanks!
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    Hacking Flimsy 'A' Button

    I've had my DS Lite for a little over a year now so I believe my warranty has expired. Recently though, I've noticed that my 'A' button is really worn down. I don't know how to explain it well, but there's little to no resistance when you press down on it compared to the other buttons. It...
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    Hacking 3-in-1 and Pokemon Migration

    Hi, I've read that only very few slot-2 cards, including the 3-in-1, are recognizable by Pokemon D/P when trying to migrate from the GBA versions. Is the Pokemon migration from the 3-in-1 compatible with the CycloDS?
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    Gaming Top Spin 3

    Hi, does anybody know the details of each button? I tried searching but the game is still fairly new and I can't seem to find this information anywhere. Thank you!
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    Gaming Top Spin 3

    Hi, does anybody know the details of each button? I tried searching but the game is still fairly new and I can't seem to find this information anywhere. Thank you! EDIT--Wrong forum.. meant to post in the DS section. Please delete this thread, I'm going to make a new one in the correct...
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    Hacking Any program that tracks what games you've played?

    Is there any program that you can load on your cart that can track what games you've played and how many hours you've spent playing each game? If not, is making such a program possible? Although I have a pretty good estimate of which games I spend most of my playing time on, I think it'd be...
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    Gaming Shogi

    Are there any English versions of this game for DS or possibly a homebrew of it out there somewhere? I'm interested in learning how to play this game and was wondering if it would be available on DS.
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    Gaming Pokemon Migration

    I've got a slot-1 Cyclo DS and a slot-2 EZ Flash IV Lite and am wondering how to migrate Pokemon from Fire Red/Leaf Green to Diamond/Pearl. I've tried loading D/P through both the Cyclo DS and through the EZIV's DS loader but neither detect FR/LG. As far as I understand, I'm supposed to beat the...
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    Homebrew Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

    Unfortunately this game doesn't work with the SNES emulators for DS, but I was wondering if there was any other way or solution to being able to play this game on DS. I really enjoyed this game and to be able to play it on the DS would be awesome. Does anybody know if there is a chance it'll...
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    Hardware VBA saves to EZ IV Lite?

    Whenever I load ROMs onto my EZ IV Lite it automatically creates save files for them. The saves that the EZ IV Client creates is sometimes a different size than saves of the say ROM made by Visual Boy Advance. There's an option in VBA of either Flash 64K or Flash 128K but sometimes the saves...
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    Hacking Loading Pokemon D/P onto EZ Flash IV Lite

    How do I go about doing this? I just got the EZ Flash IV and got GBA games working correctly, but I can't figure out how to load Pokemon Diamond onto it. I downloaded a new ROM list so that the loader I'm using would load it onto the microSD but whenever I go to load the game, I get a white...
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    Hacking M3 Lite Perfect or EZ Flash IV?

    I have a NDSL and originally had an R4+1gb microSD. I recently got a Cyclo to replace the R4 and am planning to get a microSDHC to replace the microSD since the Cyclo offers support for that (another topic..). Since I'll have the 1gb microSD leftover I want to get a slot-2 device that uses...
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    Hacking Which microSDHC?

    I just upgraded to a CycloDS (3rd batch) after having used an R4 for a while and am enjoying it so far (although I do miss the spring-loaded microSD slot on the R4 ). Although it's only been a day, I haven't had any issues with it so far and hopefully won't encounter any in the future. Thought...
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    Hacking A-DATA 4gb microSDHC

    Anything I should know about this card before I order it? I'm heavily leaning towards this one but want to have input from people who have personal experiences with it, good or bad. Also, if there's another card I should take a look at or better place to purchase from, do tell.
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    Hacking Just ordered a CycloDS..

    I just ordered a CycloDS card and am clueless about microSDHC and am wondering which is the best brand to buy. I'm looking for a card in the 4gb-6gb range without sacrificing too much in terms of performance. I'd like to get the best price available too, although I'm not looking for an...
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    Hacking A slot-1 upgrade to the R4

    I've had an R4 for quite a while now and use a 1gb microSD with it. I'm always trying new games however and jump from game-to-game very frequently and would like to be able to have a bigger amount of storage to work with. I think I read that it can use up to a 4gb microSD, albeit unstable at...
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    Hacking Black Horns DS Lite Polycarbonate Case

    I'm planning to order one of these cases for my DS Lite but don't know where the best place to purchase one from is in terms of quality (I don't mind dishing out a few extra dollars if it'll ensure a better quality product). After a quick search I've only found them available at RenChi and...
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