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  1. Kodiak

    Gaming [WIP] Wii U Region Retail, eShop, DLC, & Updates Collection Listing (USA+RE)

    Missing eShop & Disc Titles: 000500001016fc00_USA_Aqua Moto Racing Utopia 0005000010216c00_USA_Cycle of Eternity 0005000010216d00_USA_Shadow Archery 0005000010217b00_USA_Forest Escape 0005000010129500_USA_Funky Barn _Download Version 0005000010132000_USA_Wii Street U_powered by Google...
  2. Kodiak

    Hacking [Release] HEX-Flow Launcher - A 3d coverflow like launcher (VitaHEX Games)

    @VitaHEX Amazing app!! Mad props for putting in the time to make it. Sadly the initialization time makes it more of a demonstration, than a day to day application. Hopefully you wont lose interest in this project and will continue to optimize loops & cache systems to where it becomes more...
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