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    Gaming Netflix app for Switch

    Hey everyone, so my little brother asked me on the phone if the Switch is good and I answered back yes as it has pretty fun games and when he came back home, he brought one so it's a little surprise for me lol My knowledge is very limited on this device but so far as I've found out, it's...
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    Gaming Programs converting videos

    Watching movies and series on the PSVita OLED is much better at nights than on smartphone and during those years I've bought some memory cards for my Vita. 4GB (included when I bought), 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. I use mkvtomp4, which actually extracts the mp4 inside the mkv container so nothing is...
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    Hacking 3.70?

    So my current Vita OLED got 2 dark spots in dark scenes such as games and movies and that's pretty annoying. Been looking for second hand Vita OLED and most are on 3.70. Anyone else with 3.70 got troubles running Henkaku on it? Working? Same as on 3.65/68?
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    Hacking Need help installing or finding DLC

    Hi, I'm trying to install the Vegeto and SSJ Bardock dlc for DBZ; Battle of Z but I can't find the right version or format. I didn't know those two characters were dlc so haven't succeeded to get them. The version of the game I have is Nonpdrm, everything works as intended. My PSVita have the...
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