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  1. kogan92

    HWFLY OLED stopped working

    Hey guys, I wish I never had to post this thread. I bought a modded switch OLED couple of months ago on ebay. Everything was working fine, even with the latest firmware and atmosphere update, but now the LED of the modchip blinks purple for 6/7, turns red for couple of seconds and then turns...
  2. kogan92

    Hacking Question Can't play downloaded games with tinfoil

    Hi I upgraded my switch to fw 10.0.0 and AMS to 0.11.1 with the method of deleting everything (keeping just Nintendo folder) and copy/paste of the root folder the atmosphere files. But then problems start to come out: can't play games downloaded with tinfoil. When I want to start a game, it...
  3. kogan92

    Hacking Question Tinfoil and Edizon after 9.2.0

    Hi everyone, I have couple of problems with Tinfoil and Edizon: - don't have a proper location.conf file, where are saved all url hosts; where can I download a location file with all working hosts? - whenever I want to update a game, after installing the update, it "removes" the main game file...
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