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    Hacking Question Looking for (up to date) comparison between Atmosphere and SX OS

    Did this myself yesterday also and updated f/w 12.0, just get the latest Atmosphere and fusee.bin and sig patches by ITotalJustice, then i still use the SX Pro dongle, options screen, select payload, select fusee, then atmosphere will boot. edit, make sure if your going to update f/w to have...
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    Hacking SX OS 2.9.5, FW 10.0.3 ... some issues with latest games

    hi, is there a BioShock Infinite checkpoint compatible save upload rather than JKSV edit nevermind got it working now with JKSV Thanks for all the fixes all are working fine on sxos v2.9.5 and f/w 10.2
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    Homebrew Question NXMTP any good or alternatives

    weird just been using it fine on 9.2.0 without any patch
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    Hacking Is it safe to update to 9.1 with choidnujour nowadays sxos user

    yes fine, just be aware that if you have a theme installed it's better to take it off/reset to orginal or you may have black screen on boot
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    Homebrew RELEASE GoldBricks NSP/NSZ Title Installer

    so to sum up and works for me using sxos and on 9.01f/w XorTroll 0.7.3 with Quark works fine but BlaWar GoldBricks - 1st release 0.7.3 with Quark - USB connection works but won't install anything .nsp or .nsz GoldBricks - 2nd release 1.0.0 with Quark - USB connection doesn't even...
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    Homebrew RELEASE GoldBricks NSP/NSZ Title Installer

    i dunno because if i use XorTroll Goldleaf all is fine with the same .nsp, this is why i'm saying Blawar's fork doesn't work with either when both programs use Quark Gui
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    Homebrew RELEASE GoldBricks NSP/NSZ Title Installer

    na, still no joy, using his 1st release, Quark connects but get error 2356-0008 (01x1164) Module: Goldleaf (356) Description: Key Gen mismatch (console firmware is to low) so dunno, just converting back to nsp anything i want to install if they are nsz, or dumping nsz file onto memcard via...
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    Homebrew RELEASE GoldBricks NSP/NSZ Title Installer

    the thing is Goldleaf works with usb install using Quark that is supplied and your's does not work with Quark even reverting to your 1st release so thus i cannot install anything and yes i could convert to nsp but then what is the point of your release to anyone using the windows gui installer Quark
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    Homebrew RELEASE GoldBricks NSP/NSZ Title Installer

    yes 0.7.3 works and you do get a connection with Quark now but there is a new error - an error occured attempting to install - key generation mismatch (console firmware to low) on a nsz compressed with latest NSBuilder . I'm on latest firmware on switch.
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    Homebrew RELEASE GoldBricks NSP/NSZ Title Installer

    duh, i see, thanks, can we not have usage of Quark anymore....
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    Homebrew RELEASE GoldBricks NSP/NSZ Title Installer

    not working here, Quark just says USB isn't responding, yet still works fine for Goldleaf version when i go back to that
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    Homebrew RELEASE NSZ Title Compression Results

    will this compression be implemented in future Goldleaf releases for installing these type of new files
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    Homebrew RELEASE Goldleaf - A Nintendo Switch multipurpose homebrew tool

    hi, thanks for update, all working fine here
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    Hacking SX OS Hardrive Support With 8TB Drive

    i have the 4tb and 6tb version of that drive and both of them work on the switch, all i did was format them to exfat in windows 10 using EaseUS Partition Master, both work fine.
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    Hacking Updated SX 2.4 lost almost everything

    It’s certainly nothing to do with sxos as works fine here, probably just user error or because it’s a beta software
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    Hacking SX OS 2.2.1 HDD not working

    On my 4TB I have just xci files on root of drive, exfat, and on my 200gig sd card I have usual folder structure, no xci and the installed nsp and dlc and updates and that is fat32
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    Hacking SX OS 2.2.1 HDD not working

    Seagate 4 TB Expansion USB 3.0 Desktop 3.5 Inch External Hard Drive for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (STEB4000200) this drive from amazon works, converted drive from its ntsc format to exfat in windows 10, works a treat and only costs £87.50, bargain considering price of a 400GB memory card
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    Hacking SXOS 2.2: HDD won't mount Type 2 Card XCI files

    card 2 should work fine,
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    Hacking TX Announces SX OS v2.2 BETA with Docked USB Drive Support

    just tried my spare not used in ages mains powered USB 2.0 to IDE SATA 3.5 Hard Drive Converter Cable with a 1TB Western Digital formated at exfat and set to MRB, worked a treat 1st time
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