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  1. TheMajesticMrL

    Hacking Question about cheats.

    So I have an R4i Gold 3DS Plus, and I'm trying to add a few cheats to it using the official cheat manager/editor/thingy, but my usrcheat.dat crashes when I load it up. So I looked it up, might have been my file was corrupted, and so I replaced it by downloading the DS Scene Rom Tool and taking...
  2. TheMajesticMrL

    Homebrew Custom apps?

    How are you guys getting custom apps, like the one circled in this picture? And, actually, what is that app for? Still pretty new to homebrew, sorry.
  3. TheMajesticMrL

    Homebrew Can't get Browserhax to work

    Tried adding random garbage to the end of the URL, deleting the webkit file thing, nothing. Still gets to the orange screen before crashing. I'd also really prefer not having to install a new hax since this one is relatively simple... I know it's unstable I just really prefer it to the others.
  4. TheMajesticMrL

    Homebrew How do I start up Menuhax?

    Okay so I downloaded Menuhax from smea's twitter and it is supposed to start up on boot, right? I deleted the themehax_installer folder since it told me to, and I extracted the file to the root of my SD card, but when I start my 3DS nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?
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