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    Mighty No. 9 has Mighty Delay No. 3 And the delays are, yet again - supposedly - caused by multiplayer issues. Given how many issues they're having with MP I'm suprised they haven't decided to...
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    Gaming Can I still use my old saves if switching over to a undub game version?

    Title Using a Gateway card.
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    Hacking Should we support Gateway? (Post made by a MC user)

    Link to full post - This post is one of the best explainations for why we shouldn't be supporting Gateways actions. He's saying what a lot of us are thinking, and more. For the majority...
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    Hacking Eurogamer released a article about Gatewaygate!

    Full article - Ah, media attention! No new information, but it's interesting to see a news site pick up on this. At any rate it would serve as a good article to read if someone whats...
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    Hacking Do we have any confirmed bricks...

    Using 1.0, 1.1, or 1.2 Gateway firmware? Or clone software using one of those versions? It's seems odd for Gateway to say "Untested clones will brick you always!" when the only known of cases now - Well, relating to card use - are all using 2.0b2 or the clone rebrand of it. I'd put more stock...
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    Hacking Funniest thing about Gateway bricking consoles...

    Is if Nintendo included code that bricked your console for using a flashcard, we'd have already skewered em over a fire. Who knows? Perhaps after seeing how many people are supporting Gateway's choice to brick peoples consoles, Nintendo might decide to do the same.
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    Gaming Random freezing in SMT Strange Journey

    Im using a acekard 2.1 with akaio 1.6 rc2. Using class 2 sandisk 4 gb m-sdhc memcard. In in sector delphinus (Currently going for the del rosetta) and it just freezes at random times (Usually within the first couple minutes of play) I recently transfered everything on my old mem card (PNY 2 gb...
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