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  1. yakovcolt

    Hacking Help running wii game's through USB loader GX

    Is there anyway you can up the aspect ratio will playing wii game's with USB loader on homebrew, so I can get it to use the whole screen instead of 40% of it?
  2. yakovcolt

    Hacking Vwii Pro controller

    Will they work for any other emulator's? Like N64, gameboy and Gamecube ect
  3. yakovcolt

    Hacking Vwii Pro controller

    Ohh lol I see so the CC and CC pro plug into the wii remote and they will both work with USB loader for wii game's if the wii game supports it?
  4. yakovcolt

    Hacking Vwii Pro controller

    It's a Wiiu pro controller, and it's just wireless, so I can't get it to work with wii game's? and if not what controller would work with wii games?
  5. yakovcolt

    Hacking Vwii Pro controller

    I'm going to soft mod my vwii with the homebrew channel cause I want to play wii and gamecube games, probably using usd loader and nintedont, I have a pro controller for my wii u and am wondering is there anyway I can get this to work to play the wii and gamecube games.
  6. yakovcolt

    Hacking Have a big probelm trying to install homebrew on Vwii

    I'm trying to install the homebrew channel on my Wii u using the smash stack method so I bought a copy of brawl and I just realized it's NTSC say's RVL P RSBE USA, I'm in Australia so my console is PAL (it does run games with EUR on it) is there anyway I can get the virtual wii side of it to...
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