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  1. Orbiting234

    Homebrew Newly hacked, can't install Homebrew Launcher Channel?

    Background: Wii U system that, until today, has never been hacked before and running 5.5.5 Followed Installed haxchi over Brain Age. No problem there. However I'm running into an issue at the very end trying to install the Homebrew Launcher Channel with WUP Installer...
  2. Orbiting234

    Gaming SSBB prompting for system update when already done years ago.

    Okay, have had my Wii since launch and always kept it up to date with every system update throughout its lifespan. I do also have it softmodded with HBC. Now here is the weird thing, all of the sudden my Super Smash Bros Brawl disc is asking me to do a system update when I put it in anymore...
  3. Orbiting234

    Hacking Does my EZ Flash IV have bad NOR?

    Just got an EZ Flash IV today (couldn't use my Flash Advance Linker and 256mbit Flash Advance Card much anymore). When copying a title (Mother 3 translation fwiw) to the NOR I get mysterious extra phantom entries on the main menu even though only the one title is placed onto the NOR as seen...
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