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    Homebrew How can I compile my homebrew as .cia

    Well,... I have VS installed but I usually use VS Code Yeah, that´s true: I have DevKit Pro and I compile by the Command line. Everything works finde, except compiling the .cia.
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    Homebrew How can I compile my homebrew as .cia

    Hey guys, since days I go round in circles and I have no idea, what the problem is so i really need your help. I programmed an app, compiled it as .3dsx , I also created a 3D banner (followed this guide:
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    Homebrew How do I convert 3DNES.3DS to CIA?

    Hey, thanks for answering. Well... I don´t know, what´s wrong, but maybe I forgot to change something ( The cia_workaround.rsf-File is in the same directory Otherwise the command has a mistake: tools/makerom.exe -f cia -o "[email protected]" -elf $(OUTPUT).elf -rsf...
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    Homebrew How do I convert 3DNES.3DS to CIA?

    Hey Guys, I really need your help, I´m very desperate. I´d like to compile a .3dsx-app also as a .cia with a 3D banner (I followed that guide: tutorial-creating-3d-banners-from-3d-models-for-cias) but everything i tried to include into the makefile didn´t work. I generated the files and could...
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    Homebrew How do I create a folder in a homebrew program?

    How can i know, whether a directory exists? EEXIST doesn´t wok...
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    Homebrew [Release] Linux for the 3DS

    Hey, How can I start the weston-termind?
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    Homebrew [Release] m3diaLib - A C++ library for easier homebrew development for the Nintendo 3DS

    If I try to complile it, I get the following error: source/graphics/screen.cpp:439:3: error: 'C3D_TexEnvInit' was not declared in this scope; did you mean 'C3D_TexInit'? I have no Idea, where the problem is.
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