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  1. Evo.lve

    Why I haven't been active lately

    Minecraft 1.0 Skyrim Saints Row the Third that is all.
  2. Evo.lve

    Comment by 'Evo.lve' in 'Vienna is overrated.'

    Two days. Day one: wander around, visit Mozart birthplace. Day two: watch a concert, do everything else.
  3. Evo.lve

    Comment by 'Evo.lve' in 'Vienna is overrated.'

    I was with a tour group that was not full of elderly people.
  4. Evo.lve

    Comment by 'Evo.lve' in 'Vienna is overrated.'

    That was my exact initial qualm with Vienna.
  5. Evo.lve

    Comment by 'Evo.lve' in 'Vienna is overrated.'

    It's boring. And it hits me that concert players earn more money than high-ranked city officials in Vienna for pulling some strings (literally)
  6. Evo.lve

    Comment by 'Evo.lve' in 'Vienna is overrated.'

    True, true. Just don't go to Vienna to eat one.
  7. Evo.lve

    Comment by 'Evo.lve' in 'Vienna is overrated.'

    Vienna is one of the only cities in the world with sausage stands. And yes I did have "Vienna sausage" as you call it at one. they gave me a roll of bread with it and I made a hot dog-sort of thing. The guy looked at me like I belonged in a mental institute :unsure:
  8. Evo.lve

    Vienna is overrated.

    Discuss. (Only if you've actually been pl0x)
  9. Evo.lve

    Comment by 'Evo.lve' in 'Grounded'

    On the topic of being treated like a 3 year old, your grammar shows it. No offence.
  10. Evo.lve

    Comment by 'Evo.lve' in 'iplayer ds needs a SNES emulator'

    Proof... proof... proof... hmm... Ever heard of "google"? Alternatively, ask AW. I'm sure he will gladly tell you. Why the fuck would you buy a iPlayer?
  11. Evo.lve

    Comment by 'Evo.lve' in 'should i change my username'

    Attention Whore. Best username ever. Or 5ausage Head. Dutch pride.
  12. Evo.lve

    Comment by 'Evo.lve' in 'A Math Problem (and Exams)'

    The answer's 64 (yay for cheating)
  13. Evo.lve

    Comment by 'Evo.lve' in 'PM Me Club Nintendo Coins'

    I've got 300 coins that I'll never really use, the only things I want are the Hanafuda cards and the game and watch, and the shipping is gonna cost me a fortune. That said, I don't think you can actually transfer coins...
  14. Evo.lve

    Comment by 'Evo.lve' in 'PM Me Club Nintendo Coins'

    I believe they are, but Club Nintendo US is the only Club really worth joining.
  15. Evo.lve

    Comment by 'Evo.lve' in 'PM Me Club Nintendo Coins'

    I'd PM you with my OoT, but unfortunately my comp had to crash precisely one millisecond AFTER I registered it, and I got no coins, and I can't register it again... But I completely agree that you deserve a Game and Watch :)
  16. Evo.lve

    Comment by 'Evo.lve' in 'Hi, I'm Rydian.'

    Now I have to undedicate the guide I made for you. Damn. On a completely unrelated note, WELCOME BACK. Now I can have someone back me up whenever I yell at n00bs (again).
  17. Evo.lve

    Comment by 'Evo.lve' in 'Darn'

    I'm convinced that there was a good reason. I'm not sure what it was, who was responsible etc., and I will leave it at that. Thank you for th enlightened discussion.
  18. Evo.lve

    Comment by 'Evo.lve' in 'Darn'

    Rydian left with good reason, Sop and Sausage Head were banned with better reason. Same with lemmymet.
  19. Evo.lve

    Comment by 'Evo.lve' in 'So I bought a new laptop two or three days ago.'

    They're pretty good comps. Was considering getting myself one, but, you know the price markup on anything with a screen in Australia.
  20. Evo.lve

    Comment by 'Evo.lve' in 'Tremble before my might, puny Tempers!'

    Um, pick the egg up with one hand, whack it against something, done? Or are you actually cracking the egg without anything but your hand?
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