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  1. leeday100196

    GBAtemp sponsorless once again

    I'm late to the party, and missed out on what's happening, but what caused PayPal to shut down its services with flashcart companies? (Please be relatively polite to this, I couldn't be bothered reading 5 pages of posts.)
  2. leeday100196

    Free Battlefield 3 Act of Valor Dog Tags

    This is only to those people fortunate enough to live in America! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU I WANT THESE TAGS SO BAD!
  3. leeday100196

    Gaming Jim Sterling gives Mario Kart 7 a 5/10

    Outside of the 'Temp, I haven't heard much that bashes CoD OR HALO (except after Battlefield 3 was released, then everyone puppy-dogged over to it and started hating those two) and I live in an area that is DOMINATED by gamers, and go to school that is DOMINATED by gamers and sk8ers (which I...
  4. leeday100196

    Gaming Jim Sterling gives Mario Kart 7 a 5/10

    CoD = Same as the last one in the series. Similar guns, similar gameplay, similar EVERYTHING. Apparently this is worth 9.5. Mario Kart 7 = Different approach, new concepts, a bit of nostalgia, new ideas. According to his logic, NEW IDEAS ARE BAD.
  5. leeday100196

    3DS extra slide-pad + Monster Hunter 3G confirmed!

    If it's half as good as MH3 on the Wii, it'll be AWESOME! And personally I think it's a smart idea of Ninty to give everyone a PSV experience...
  6. leeday100196

    3DS extra slide-pad + Monster Hunter 3G confirmed!

    Probably plug into the charger port or headphone jack. either that or IR communication at close range when stuck on top. Other options idk. Headphone jack might mean that it'll have built-in speakers to enhance noise. My view: CoD on 3DS looks even more probable now!
  7. leeday100196


    He probably has without realising. It's probably not his computer's fault that he can't see sigs.
  8. leeday100196

    Gaming Try my server in minecraft cracked.

    JEEZ I log on to this for one moment and get banned by admin. absolute bullshit. username the same as 'temp's, so you'd recognise me straight away. btw if you didn't notice, my username is leeday100196.
  9. leeday100196

    Gaming With the price drop, do you regret buying the 3DS early?

    Amen. I'd rather pay an extra $100 or so and get 20 free games! Good compensation indeed!
  10. leeday100196

    Gaming New 3DS update available!

    So does everyone else. Read the last FEW PAGES.
  11. leeday100196

    Gaming New 3DS update available!

    Can someone update the title? It's bothering me with the TERRIBLE spelling of update. Thank GOD the Supercard DSTwo works, i would RAGE otherwise instead of
  12. leeday100196

    Guilty pleasures

    Playing Pokémon. Enough said.
  13. leeday100196

    Hacking HELP: Nintendo 3DS Cosmo Black Console - US Model

    Exactly. Walk into ANY EB games of Gamestop and look at the DS section. That enough is proof.
  14. leeday100196

    Senran Kagura

    You can tell this game was developed BY MEN, FOR MEN.
  15. leeday100196

    Gaming why no rayman love

    Don't base your opinions on what the critics say UNTIL you've tried it for yourself. Nuff said. If you enjoyed that game, play it, don't sit there and hate it cuz someone else is bagging it. I'm a CoD fan but there are so many CoD haters on here it's not even funny.
  16. leeday100196

    Gaming Collector's Edition LoZ: OoT pack!

    Yeah it's on the sheet music not that you would know that from having it...
  17. leeday100196

    Gaming Should I trade in Nintendogs when I get OoT?

    Bumped this thread so the mods see it and close it.... please!
  18. leeday100196

    Senran Kagura

  19. leeday100196

    Some Zelda info tidbits: Skyward Sword is the longest Zelda.

    Just thinkin', if it's the "longest and deepest" Zelda game yet, then it'll take me longer than a week to complete, maybe on the verge of a whole TWO WEEKS! Seriously, games are still just too short these days when you're more experienced than me.
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