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  1. South Cape

    Shigesato Itoi announces Hobonichi Mother Project book release, teases "other news" as well

    Just for anyone getting their hopes up, if this has Shigesato Itoi's Hobonichi branding on it (which it does), it's incredibly unlikely to be related to the games at all. If Hobonichi teams up with Nintendo to announce something, that's one thing, but the company is unrelated to Nintendo. I...
  2. South Cape

    Homebrew Question High-res N64 texture importing to Retroarch?

    Hey @m4xw hope you don't mind me calling you out in this kinda old thread. I'm on the most recent Mupen Next core that you can download from within Retroarch. I tried using Nerrel's Majora's Mask pack as PNGs like you said to and it generates the HTS file. But the HTS file Mupen generates is...
  3. South Cape

    Tutorial [TUTORIAL] Sourcing/Compiling/Adding Texture Packs to Mupen64Plus on Retroarch Switch

    Just as an added little point for clarity for Mupen64plus-next (in case anyone is confused like I was), the folder Next uses is still /retroarch/cores/system/Mupen64plus/cache or /retroarch/cores/system/Mupen64plus/hires_texture just like the OP says. Mupen64plus-next doesn't look in...
  4. South Cape

    Homebrew RELEASE Clean the Nand of the Nintendo Switch, Haku33 homebrew

    Quick report of my experience with haku33 yesterday. I couldn't get the three or so newest versions of the nro to work since they kept freezing. Version 2.2 worked, though. After the Switch reset, I took it online for some matches of Smash and I haven't been banned. I'm hopeful it'll stay that...
  5. South Cape

    Homebrew RELEASE ChoiDujourNX - a system firmware installer homebrew for the Nintendo Switch

    Hey, so there’s a really good chance that this is written somewhere else and that I just didn’t notice it and so I’m just a bit of a dummy, but I wanted to put this warning down just in case someone else is about to make the same mistake I did. I had read somewhere to make absolutely sure that...
  6. South Cape

    Tutorial [GUIDE/STARTER PACK] ReiNX Installation and Use

    Hey, so I have 3.0.0 and I actually HAVE removed fs_mitm.kip. And it absolutely refuses to work no matter what I do. I've deleted it, left it on, reformatted my SD, reformatted my system. The only thing that seems to make it work at all is if I put the fs.kip from 2.2 stash in place of...
  7. South Cape

    Hacking TrustZoneHax on 3.x and below

    Wait Whoa. Anything below 4.x is TrustZonehaxable now?
  8. South Cape

    Hacking TrustZoneHax on 3.x and below

    This is amazing. The man is brilliant and I applaude all his hard work. Edited cause relevancy.
  9. South Cape

    Homebrew CTR_Redshift - hardware-based blue light filter for old3DS and 2DS

    Anything above firmware 11.4, I believe, can't affect the brightness below factory setting. But I'm on 11.3 and can confirm that, in fact, yes you can lower the brightness setting below factory if you have the correct firmware.
  10. South Cape

    Hacking Team Xecuter Background Information

    Thanks for the helpful post! Appreciate you taking the time to set the record straight.
  11. South Cape

    Hacking Don't get on 3.00 stay on your current firmware version

    Dang it, now people tell me. Updated from 2.2.0 cause literally everywhere was saying to get on 3.0.0. Honestly though, I'm cool with whatever we get. Just nice to be on the ground floor of this evolving hacking scene.
  12. South Cape

    Hacking Question Anyway to use my new Pro Controller (Switch) with Bluetooth on the PC ?

    That's weird. Aside from the fact that Bluetooth is always temperamental, I can't imagine why it wouldn't work when connecting mine just now was as easy as pressing the sync button and clicking sync on my computer. Keep trying?
  13. South Cape

    Hacking Its not worth hacking the switch

    People mentioning EoL less than a year into a console's life makes me facepalm. The 3DS still isn't at EoL and look at where it's at.
  14. South Cape

    Hacking Question Anyway to use my new Pro Controller (Switch) with Bluetooth on the PC ?

    You literally just sync it through Bluetooth. Like, there's nothing else you need to do. I just got a Pro as well, and tried this for the first time after seeing this post and it worked right away.
  15. South Cape

    Homebrew Does NTR CFW 3.6 still have brightness control?

    There is literally a solution to this problem posted in this thread by me on page one. If you don't want to use that solution for various reasons that's perfectly fine. But choose your words a little bit more wisely, in all regards. Telling you to be grateful does no one any benefits, but...
  16. South Cape

    Hacking Open-sourced nxdbg

    Have you read the comments in that Twitter post though? I could very well be wrong because I'm not very familiar with the guy, but it seems to be more of a joke about how he keeps saying he's gonna step away but never actually does. EDIT: shoulda read the rest of the thread, feel free to ignore...
  17. South Cape

    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Can anyone approximate how long a cart update takes? I don't really want to buy Pokken just to update, and since I live in Japan, clerks are really obliging, so I might legitimately just be able to to walk into a store and ask to "try the game" just for the update as long as it doesn't take over...
  18. South Cape

    Homebrew Does NTR CFW 3.6 still have brightness control?

    I guess so. Not a helpful reply but I've never had to restore from a backup or anything. At least in my specific case, the downgrade just worked fine. Make sure you read my post though about it uninstalling your titles and shit, because it is a bit of a pain in the ass. Just nice to know ahead...
  19. South Cape

    Homebrew Does NTR CFW 3.6 still have brightness control?

    Having to run the filter before launching a game is pretty much how it's always worked. And yes, brightness control is only available on 11.3 and below. I'm unsure of the details but something in 11.4 and up disabled access to it. So the option doesn't even show up.
  20. South Cape

    Homebrew Does NTR CFW 3.6 still have brightness control?

    Are you sure you're talking about the same thing? Screen filter is available on any version. This topic is about the brightness control setting that allows NTR to lower brightness much lower than factory settings, which to my knowledge, is only something available on 11.3 and lower.
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