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  1. Tri-Z

    Hacking Playing touchscreen game on pstv help

    I’ve been playing pumped bmx plus on my 365hen enso vita and I decided to finally update my pstv to 3.65 hen enso also I ran the blacklist app or plugin whatever it’s considered and the game is now playable but I ran into the problem of needing to press back touchscreen while pressing right...
  2. Tri-Z

    Hacking Vita buttons no work, played game and it updated

    i ran into a problem with vita and not sure what to do. I’m on 3.60 HENkaku enso or was. I used pkgj and dl some games. I went to play one. The dead or alive 5 plus. After I played it when I went into pkgj no buttons work. Only joysticks and ps button and power. In home screen all buttons work...
  3. Tri-Z

    Hardware Vita power and ps button issue

    Hi I’m hoping someone can assist me. I have my vita first gen model with 3.60 HENkaku Enso on it. I’ve been busy with work so I haven’t used it in over a week to two weeks maybe. Did a hard power down when I last turned it off. I store it in ps vita vault case. I went to turn it on this morning...
  4. Tri-Z

    Hacking Clever ntrboot magnet

    So I was going to install boot9strap with ntrboot card and I forgot my magnet. So you know what I used? My vape mod. I’m like oh snap the battery lid is held on magnetically. So I waived the lid and I’m like darn not strong enough them I’m like oh maybe it’s on the ones mounted in the mod. Sure...
  5. Tri-Z

    Homebrew Looking to make sign_c2w_patcher forwarder

    I’m lost I’ve been searching and reading through threads and I just get more confused Here’s the deal. I have wiisxr set for speed hack on Wii U homemenu but first I have to goto hb launcher and launch sign_c2w_patcher What I would like is a sign_c2w_patcher forwarder that I can have on Wii U...
  6. Tri-Z

    Hacking Vwii usbloader freezing on inialize

    So I have Wii U portable hardrive with y cable and another portable hardrive with y cable for vwii Wii U plugged in front usb and vwii in back I have had a hell of a time to get vwii one to work in usbloader gx. Finally I get it to work only to after shut off Wii U and go back to use vwii...
  7. Tri-Z

    Hardware 3ds premium stylus

    back years ago had had bought an upgrade stylus for ds phat and my dslite I forget what site made and sold them. I'm sure there's some peep that remember the ones I'm talking bout. They were a nice solid metal with a good amount of weight to them. Chrome colored. Phat ds one had orange tip. Ds...
  8. Tri-Z

    Hacking Missed a step on cfw guide and need help

    i missed a section in ctrtranfer. Or maybe not. I'm so confused now. I think there's less steps there but if click the follow 9.2.0 ctrtransfer link on step 5 of restoring system it takes u to a dif ctrtransfer with steps that weren't on the previous page. This is my 8th3ds I've done and I feel...
  9. Tri-Z

    Hacking Looking to hardmod need

    i setup cfw luma on a few n3ds and I had bought a newer one that came with 11.0 and I have another with 11.2 on it. I want to make hardmod but in the guide on github that I had followed before the links for say address not valid. And I Had not DL nfirm files for past installs because...
  10. Tri-Z

    Hacking Restoring cfw after restoring system nand

    alright I was getting some eshop errors I think because I deleted extdata 00000000 folder instead of just the 0000008f folder inside of it after installing the github luma arm9 So I tried restoring sysnand thinking maybe I'd get it back. I didn't " that is an issue I'd like to fix because I cant...
  11. Tri-Z

    Hacking M3 reals how to darken writing

    Can someone enlighten me on how to make the writing darker. I downed a skin that I really like, but it is so hard to see the writing like game names and in the settings menu. thanks
  12. Tri-Z

    commercial games with tilt control

    Using action replay or nitro hax need slot 2 motion cart
  13. Tri-Z

    Hacking M3 real cheat code issues

    I'm having problem with the cheats for game. Yoshi island. infinate flutter jump and backlight codes. As soon as I press the code to select it, the menu freezes and I have to turn off my ds. Anybody else having issues with backlight codes for any games? Or even the flutter jump code for...
  14. Tri-Z

    Hacking how to play nds games through game on M3real

    when I choose the nds game section from the main menu I get a no nds file or directory. I can start my game through the Mycard section. So I am wondering how do I set it up so that I can start game from nds section instead of mycard? thanks edit: I was using sub-folders like the way I had it...
  15. Tri-Z

    supercard slot 2 1.81 release

    FIRMWARE: Firmware V1.81 (2007.06.05) Fixed homebrew can not be boot problem in v1.80 And also new slot 1 supercard sp2 software SuperCard DS ONE Operation System: SuperCard DS ONE OS 2.0 SP2 (2007.06.06) both are here
  16. Tri-Z

    ROM Hack M3 1.05 & AR brightness cheat no work

    I have M3 simply and I just installed the new firmware and I have AR bightness controll cheats in my cheat.dat file, and if I have it enabled during a game when I press L, R, select the game freezes. I wonder if this has to do with cheats being able to be enabled disabled by pressing L, R...
  17. Tri-Z

    ROM Hack drag and drop .nds rom for game id

    I found a app for retreiving game id from nds rom. Drag and drop the nds rom onto the gameid icon. get at the link below right click on the link and choose copy link location, and then paste it into the address bar and press enter, then a download should pop up. Just clicking on the link...
  18. Tri-Z

    ROM Hack AR usrcheat all set for US E with brightness contr

    AR usrcheat all set for (US) & (E) with brightness control I used Bfoo's usrcheat that was posted in the topic at link below where chuckstudios is, but it is page 1 post #2. I added the brightness control to every game that was in the usrcheat.dat. which I believe is US and E game cheats and...
  19. Tri-Z

    Gaming how to go about finding nds rom's game id?

    how to go about finding nds rom's game id? I thought there was some program, but I can't remember.
  20. Tri-Z

    ds-link save - want to transfer to ds cart

    I have a ds-link save for the game yoshi touch & go that I want to put onto my ds cart. I tried with rein on my sc sd, but it says transfered success, but the save isn't on the cart, the original save that was on the ds cart was erased though. I tried with online save converter at the link below...
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