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    ps2 opl will not make the +opl partition?

    I have a 1tb drive formatted with the latest HDD manager and opl sees the drive but when I exit out and go back to the HDD manager, I see no +opl partition, just the 5 main ones. How can I get opl to make it so I can transfer files to it with pfsshell ? Can I use Hdd Manager to create it...
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    GC using SD2SP2 and a memory card exploit.

    I have a GC and picked up a SD2SP2. I dropped a small SD card for a test with the swiss file (renamed to boot.dol). I also picked up a 007 under fire game and set up my memory card with the exploit. I also bought a pre made memory card as I figures I was doing it wrong (but same result). I'm...
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    recovering game save

    Stage thing here. My animal crossing game stopped working and I figured it was an ossx firmware issue. So I decided to continue playing the game on yuzu. I wanted to use checkpoint to extract the save and I noticed every game I have ever played was listed but animal crossing. This could explain...
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    getting boot.dat error

    so wondering, is there a special way to format? I thought all that was needed was a normal windows fat32 format and drop the bot.dat file in place. I had a working sd that was ex-fat and I wanted to get it to fat 32. So I copied all my data off, formatted to fat 32 , and copied it all back on...
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    blank spinning tiles.

    Still running OSSX and possibly the issue but even games I already have working (when re downloaded) are doing this. As soon as I download a game from one of the "shops" I get this blank title. Sort of like this but with a circle loading icon in the middle
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    ROM Hack downgrading to 11.0.1 using emunand

    So I put 11.0.1 on my switch (sxos) then learned 0.1 was not supported yet. I was able to install emunand and patch the files and now I'm back in. I see that all my installed games are not really there. I'm guessing that maybe because I need to copy my nintnedo folder somewhere? So, I then...
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    ROM Hack sxos fm 11 beta 3.1 does not boot.

    I know ossx is pretty much dead now, but was pretty sure FW 11.0.1 was reported working. I used ChoiDujourNX and did the normal u0pdatre with auto RCM option checked and avoided the factory reset option but after rebooting (ossx log shows up) I never say the Nintendo logo. I have tegraRcmGUI on...
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    ROM Hack how to pack split NSPs in to one XCI with NSCB

    Some of the games I have installed are larger the 4gig and when I dump them I get multiple files. Is there a way I can pack these back to a single XCI for my backups?
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    ROM Hack masterKeyRev error with NSCB

    Not finding much on this, Getting this with a game games? Processing: C:\temp\pac-man.nsp Exception: local variable 'masterKeyRev' referenced before assignment Most other games are working.
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    Hacking Any progres on emulating a 360 bad lately?

    Last time I checked (10 years ago) the 360 pad security authentication was not fully cracked. I have some old papers on it and how it was done but was not complete. From what I recall the controller ,when attached to the console, does some hand shaking. The workaround was to attached a 360, then...
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    Hardware Usb payload for the wiiu pro has an extra byte, what is it?

    Wondering if anyone has played with the wiiu (hacking or home brue) and happens to know what the extra byte in the report descriptor is. wiiu pro usb controller payload. 0:buttons 1-8 1:buttons 9-13 plus padding 2:x stick left data 3:y stick left data 4:x2 stick right data 5:y2 stick right data...
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    Homebrew Question Can anyone explaine gag order and how it should work?

    Did quite a bit of searching on this and best I can tell supernag is a name for the console nagging you about updating. Gag order fixes this but when I run it it says supernag not found on console. So that implies its a program of some sort? So what is it the nagging or a file? How do I stop the...
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    Hacking youtub app for block users?

    Anyone know if it is possible to use the new youtub app if the console is blocked? With os sx stealth mode it does nothing, if enable it just issues the restriction that the console is blocked.
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    Hacking recovery mode with 6.1.0 fails (shakes)

    I had to update to 6.1.0 for the new youtube app and apparently I'm doing something wrong or they changed something? Normally I just hold down the + volume with the jiog in and press power. For some reason the switch just shakes (rumble motor comes on). and nothing further. Any ideas?
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    Hacking Game do not play unless updated.

    Can anyone confirm this for me? I was pretty much told by many that although eShop games may require updates from one Switch firmware to the next that official games (not sure if that means Nintendo released only) do not. Ever since I accidentally updated to 6.0 (with my OS SX booted) I can not...
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    Hacking Question 6.0.1 upgrade with os sx

    I have two switches and one was accidentally updated to 6.0.1 Is it true that the game updates are no longer possible? This seems to be the case AFIAKT. Also Is there in fact no way to down grade because of the fuses?
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    Homebrew Question os sx is no more after syste, update.

    Not sure how they did it but they did. I had to update the system to run an NSP and after the update the system boot right into the switch OS with or without the dongle. And the console is of course still blocked so its completely useless now. ;(
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    Homebrew Question External drive with OS sx 2.2 limitations?

    I have a large retro rom collection I'd like to use with RetroNX from my external drive. I wanted to test out the new 2.2 external drive features but was wondering? Can I use GPD or must I use MBR? Can I use MBR with 2 TB? Do I need a certain File allocation size? If I'm limited to 1TB, can I...
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    Hacking getting add-on pack with os sx?

    I was wondering how one could get the add-on pack to zelda BOTW with a dump and the os sx? My console is currently banned so I can not boot normally and install it.
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    Gaming Error Code: 2160-0103 causes?

    I tried both google and openDNS, so guessing that is not it. I tried another router/network same issue... Could it be that a xEcute mod chip is some how blocked? I was under the impression the mod chip could be blocked by Nintendo but not by testing the network connection? I was also able to put...
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