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  1. derthomas

    Hacking Nintendo Switch Banning Hub & Warning

    Just a quick update. Im using SX Pro since 1.5, XCI only (except for one nsp converted to xci game which I didnt notice until later). I still update all the games via nintendo server on ofw and activate airplane mode when switching over to cfw. Not a single ban so far.
  2. derthomas

    Nintendo Direct Sept 4 Tokyo Mirage Sessions Switch Port & Super Kirby Clash

    The SNES Controller is only usable with FW 9.0 B-)
  3. derthomas

    Hacking Nintendo Switch Banning Hub & Warning

    just a quick update, NOT banned at all using sx os since 1.3, now on 2.0.1 (6.0.1) always updating on ofw and playing on cfw. cfw is always online when docked (not accessing eshop tho) and offline in handheld mode Im using xci only (some of them are my own dumped games), not a single nsp or nsp...
  4. derthomas

    Hacking Nintendo Switch Banning Hub & Warning

    No error code and always updating on OFW.
  5. derthomas

    Hacking Nintendo Switch Banning Hub & Warning

    Ban? N SX used? Y SX used while online? Y Played SX Backups online? N Lowest SX Version used when Online/Offline (NOT Switch System Firmware)? 1.3 Non-TX Layered FS Used? N Non-TX Layered FS Used while online? N Played online w/ Non-TX Layered FS Injects? N Used DevMenu? N Installed any .NSP? N...
  6. derthomas

    Hacking Is Henkaku Enzo working for you?

    Just received my Adapter, does a Tutorial exist already how to set up enso and sdadapter?
  7. derthomas

    Hacking Making Amiibo NTAG215s

    Anyone got. the botw amiibos to work? Im always getting Source uid does Not Match the Target whenever I try to Write to tag using latest tagmo
  8. derthomas

    Homebrew [Release] freeShop - open source eShop alternative

    I keep getting the "wrong title key" error whatever game/dlc/patch I try to install. Already wiped the tool completely from my sd card including the setting in /data folder and reinstalled using the /downloadenc url. Still no luck. Any suggestions?
  9. derthomas

    Homebrew [Beta Release] Snakes - Local play 1-8 players

    Thanks for your respone. I meant the download play option offered by nintendo, yeah. Thought thats its possible to spoof an original game to trick the system behind it. Apparently not, too bad. Most people in my streetpass meetings dont have a modded 3ds ;)
  10. derthomas

    Homebrew [Beta Release] Snakes - Local play 1-8 players

    download play locally doesnt work right?
  11. derthomas

    Homebrew [NDS] Forwarder CIAs for your HOME Menu

    trying to launch a nds game from the sd card following the tutorial but upon launch I get 2 white screens and nothing happens. any suggestions?
  12. derthomas

    ROM Hack Can Someone Complile The New Gen 7 PKHeX ?

    newest commit compiled:!nRNyEQTA!KdzVxo_vJ9rM2jInMr17kmLPoVfkxkqfB8LxiVygyMk
  13. derthomas

    Atari to start game show

    time to finish the swordquest saga
  14. derthomas

    Hacking All Previous Vitamin Dumps Are ... Bad ... Will Eventually Corrupt Save ?!

    Dont Know if it relates but upon saving in steins:Gate a few minutes ago it said sth like failed to Save and The screen went black. Had no other option but to restart The Game. Can load a previous Save Game without issue and saving also just did work. Who knows what happened
  15. derthomas

    ROM Hack Official Mario Kart 7 - Custom Track Grand Prix 7 (CTGP-7)

    I just created a cia using the .bat but it overwrote my existing mk7. I thought its supposed to be a new title id and can be installed simultanously? :-(
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