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  1. XaneTenshi

    Hacking Need help getting Region Locked Blurays to play using Multiman/Webman

    Hey guys I have a PS3 slim capable of running Hen. I have tried to get a Region A Blu-Ray to play and have tried both Webman and Multiman. On Webman the issue seems to be that the Region changes aren't saved properly. I can change the Region. but even after restarting the PS3, the setting isn't...
  2. XaneTenshi

    Hacking How to install/Add Updates & DLC to game in iso format

    Hey guys So, I have a PS3 game in what I think is called the "JB" format (PS3 game folder), and the game also comes with DLC and update files, in the form of .pkg files. I have used a guide to convert the PS3 game folder to a .iso format using PS3 ISO TOOLS as that supposedly have much better...
  3. XaneTenshi

    Hacking 1st time hacking PS3 - Need some help

    Hey guys So I am new to PS3 hacking (but not hacking in general, I have a hacked Wii U and a hacked Switch), and since I recently went back to playing some PS3 games, I thought that it might be fun to finally try to hack my PS3 aswell. I have a PS3 Slim (3K model I think) on OFW 4.82 and have...
  4. XaneTenshi

    Hacking Issues trying to run Mods in Breath of The Wild

    Hey guys Sorry if this in the wrong section, wasn't quite sure where to post it. So I am trying to run some mods in Breath of The WIld and as per the instructions here I am using FTPiiU Everywhere to try and replace the...
  5. XaneTenshi

    Hacking Question Error code 2809-1228 logged: Am I still safe?

    Hey So I just got done restoring my clean Nand backup on my Switch. When I got to the home menu, I saw that all my games had this cloud icon on them and had to be re-downloaded (not a huge deal, I have a general idea of why this happens). So I set up my internet connection, using a setup I made...
  6. XaneTenshi

    Hacking Question Old Firmware vs. New - Risks of ban

    Hey guys I currently have a Switch on 3.0.0 and am just starting to get into HomeBrew. However the limitations of being stuck on 3.0 for the softmod is starting annoy me (No online play - that's fair, limited to what games I can play - that sucks, can't even add friends because linking Nintendo...
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