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  1. Gabriel2Silva

    Homebrew Question Best way to emulate Wii nowadays?

    Lakka? Android? Ubuntu? etc I know Dolphin is pretty slow on Switch but I really wanna test Monster Hunter 3 tri-.
  2. Gabriel2Silva

    Hardware Joy-Cons will only sync to the console if I pair them through the Sync button

    Connecting both Joy-Cons physically to the Switch Joy-Con rails will display a "Paired" message once, but the Joy-Cons won't work wirelessly afterwards if I remove them from the rails. Only way of making them work wirelessly is to manually sync them through the Sync button on the Controllers...
  3. Gabriel2Silva

    Hacking Question Is there any difference in performance between sysNAND vs. emuMMC?

    This is just out of curiosity. There's a random dude saying there's more benefit in using a sysNAND CFW setup vs. using an emuMMC setup (which is obviously what I use today, keeping my sysNAND clean and my backup safe). His main points is that the sysNAND is faster (in terms of performance) and...
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