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    Hacking Homebrew Channel just goes black, doesn't work

    My firmware is 3.4E and my model is LE10 ( a launch model) I ran the twilight hack and followed all the instuctions in this video (below) It all worked fine following the instructions from this post
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    Hacking Wii Mod-Chip Comparison Sheet

    There used to be a comparison sheet on gbatemp of all the major mod chips comparing the features, solder points, cost etc. a) I can't find this chart b) Last time I saw it it was very out of date Is there any updated version or any other site that has an up to date version. I am considering...
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    Hacking Write Protected SD card

    My micro sd is write protected, when i try to change anything on pc I get an error saying I don't know why this is happening i have my r4 and sd card about 8months and I have never had this problem. The card is only half full and the lock switch on the side is not turned on. I can't even...
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    Hacking vunable to load data multiple games

    I have my R4 for about 8months and I have never had a game not work. But i recently got tiger woods 2008, drawn to life, nancy drew ( not for me I promise) and none of these are working. I have not tried trimming them but has anyone else had this error "unable to hold game data"? FYI I am...
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