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    Homebrew Question Old Snes online app - offline possible?

    Hi everyone! I used to have both Nes online and Snes online with extra roms working on old firmwares but now I can only get Nes online to work. I've tried 1.0.0a up to 1.1.0c packs that can be found on different sites. I only get the "please sign in" message. It used to be some files you had to...
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    Hacking Guitar Hero Live more songs?

    Hi everyone! I got a little nostalgic and bought Guitar Hero Live for PS4. Is there any way to add more content to the game? I know I can on Rock Band 4 but the guitar doesn't seem to be compatible. Really enjoy the game, but lacks many good songs. There seemed to be GHTV but that service is...
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    Hacking Wii U Regarding System Update (Question)

    I've dusted off my old Wii U that's on firmware 5.5.1 EU. I've never used Haxchi but just about everything else. Is there anything I need to think about when I update the firmware, thinking of buying a title or two from the e-shop. I've got lots of games installed through WUP installer and want...
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    Hacking Question Any status on XCI-loader on free CFW

    Hi Everyone! My question is simply if there is any status on loading XCI-files? Not necessary an ETA, just wanna know if and who is working on it. I know you can convert and install them as NSP's but i'm really after the drag and drop function and the small chance of it being less ban-risk...
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    Swedish distributor Xecuter?

    Do anyone know about any swedish site, or a site that can deliver SX Pro to sweden? Can't find any trusted site. Thanks in advance! // 4nders
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    Hacking Possible to activate BDVD without internet?

    Hi everyone! I just realised that I have to go online just to activate my Blu-ray drive so I can watch movies. I guess that will trigger a systemupdate which I definetly don’t want to happen. Is there any way to activate my Blu-ray drive offline? Thanks!
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    Homebrew What's the best way to update my hack?

    Hi everyone! What seems to be the best way to update my firmware and with that my hack? I'm at firmware 9.2.0-20E and runs Cake hack (Hold L when turning on my 3ds) Think it's Pasta CFW too. I haven't touched my 3ds in a while but I wanna update everything to the latest hack. Suggestions in...
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