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  1. NeroAngelo

    Hacking Did 12.0.3 break SXOS on older models?

    11.0 emunand used to work fine on sysnand 12.0.0, but i updated the sysnand to 12.0.3 and now the emunand pops an SXOS error, did the recent update break it? :( (Old hackable switch btw, emunand on separate sdcard, the SXOS menu opens fine)
  2. NeroAngelo

    Hacking Getting Game update notifications on some games even though NEVER been online...

    Using Emunand SXOS, separate from the sysnand, has NEVER been online, EVER, yet some games give me a msg about a game update being available. is that normal behavior in SXOS? or does the firmware contain info about current game versions? It's confusing the shit out of me.
  3. NeroAngelo

    Hacking Confused about Masterkeys

    Just finished upgrading my Switch to 8.00, but the new Lockpick_RCM didn't generate a 08 masterkey. should it? or does 8.00 just use 07 masterkey??
  4. NeroAngelo

    Hacking Force language on games?

    Hi there, still slowly getting used to the WiiU hacks and scene, so please excuse my noobiness :) is there a way to force out of region backups to use a specific language? Ex. JAP WiiU, USA backup/disc .... is there a tool to bypass autodetection of console region (like luma on 3ds does)?
  5. NeroAngelo

    Hacking That moment when you finally decide to install A9LH ...

    and everything goes smooth n peachy until you try to backup your emunand to later restore on your Sysnand, only to find out the SD has corrupted sectors and can't backup, and lose YEARs of game save T_________________T
  6. NeroAngelo

    Hacking Tips anyone ? thinking of prepping a 3DS for CFW

    Soooo sadly I went all noob and bricked my US 3ds LL T_T but i have a virgin JP 3DS LL that i was thinking of hacking, so my questions are: 1) the FW on it is 10.3 , have a Sky3DS, what are my options for hacking it? i was hoping i could downgrade it to 9.2 and move on from there. 2) I have a...
  7. NeroAngelo

    Misc Homepass question ...

    I have a DDWRT based homepass setup, and i use it with no-security + mac filtering so that Nintendo Zone works (for some reason even streetpasses don't work when i turn on security :S) the problem is i can't get internet to work ... when the 3ds uses the nintendo zone as an internet point...
  8. NeroAngelo

    Hacking Question about Sky3DS ROM Id patching for online

    I currently have a second 3DS which i use for all my emunand stuff, and was wanting to try out some of the few online games, do i need a header from an online enabled cart or can i just use any cart (ex. offline cart) to postpone possible ban ?
  9. NeroAngelo

    Hacking Question about Sky3DS ...

    forgive my ignorance and mild noobiness , but what is the reason for undubs not being usable on Sky3DS ? aren't they technically the same roms as ones that are already supported ? or is it because they aren't properly signed/different checksum?
  10. NeroAngelo

    Hacking SkyTempIDEdit

    Nice of the Sky team to finally release it, anyone try it yet ? :D says it allows you to inject your own ID's into a template file
  11. NeroAngelo

    Hacking Game Patches for RegionFree gaming ...

    hi everyone , I'm using a Sky3DS on a Japanese 3DS LL along with some US/EU games, i was wondering if there is way to get game patches for said games , japanese games get their patches fine, but is there a way to get the other region patches onto the 3DS ?
  12. NeroAngelo

    Hacking Preloader Hacks Request ...

    Has anyone made hacks for 4.1J ? the only ones i find floating around the net are 4.1U and 4.1E thanks in advance!
  13. NeroAngelo

    Hacking About Shop Channel ...

    ok , in anticipation for the upcoming release of MH3 , i was wondering if purchases from Japanese Shop channel on a non Japanese Wii still work (4.0+) I've searched and read about the different methods but they are confusing , no clear answer I have a Pal Wii , latest BootMii/Preloader ...
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