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  1. DarthYoshi

    Gaming Patch games using USB?

    I know it's possible to patch the dashboard using a USB drive (or a CD for that matter,) but is it possible to patch games using a USB drive (or CD?) The thing is, I have Dragon Age and I hear there's an update to fix a major bug in the game. Unfortunately I don't have XBL (I was not banned, I...
  2. DarthYoshi

    Nintendo's Headquarters Address?

    Say I wanted to send a letter to Satoru Iwata, I found two addresses for Nintendo's headquarters. Does anyone know which one is correct? 11-1 Kamitoba Hokotate-cho, Minami-ku Kyoto, 601-8501, Japan 11-1 Kamitoba Hokotate-cho Minami-ku Kyoto-shi, KYT 601-8116 Also, if I wanted to send one to...
  3. DarthYoshi

    Gaming Which Dynasty Warriors should I get?

    I'm having a hard time deciding between getting Dynasty Warriors 6 or Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires. Has anyone out there played both? Which one do you prefer? I like the idea of creating your own warrior in Empires, but I also like having free mode in 6. P.S. I'm gonna play it mainly for...
  4. DarthYoshi

    Which game should I get?

    I have other games so don't say "get this instead". So? What do you think?
  5. DarthYoshi

    Gaming Hamachi vs. Leaf

    Do any of you use Hamachi or Leaf for VPN gaming? Which one do you prefer? If you vote "Other" please list what your "Other" program is. I'm just curious =P
  6. DarthYoshi

    What are these pictures called??

    What are these kinds of pictures called? You know, where it says "LIFE" and then the smaller words bellow it. Do these kinds of pictures have a name? And what is it?
  7. DarthYoshi

    Hacking Way to use WPA?

    My home network is protected with a WPA passphrase, and as you may know, the DS doesn't support WPA, only WEP. Is there a homebrew or a way that I could make using WPA possible?
  8. DarthYoshi

    Has anyone used My friend's looking to buy from it. A quick reply is needed!
  9. DarthYoshi


    I'm looking for a bluetooth headset (meaning it has a mic also.) I'll be using it with my bluetooth cell phone and my bluetooth computer. The thing is, I'd also want to use it with my DS and iPod that are NOT bluetooth. What I was thinking is that I need to find a bluetooth headset that also...
  10. DarthYoshi

    Hacking Battery Life

    Just a quick question. I'm waiting for my G6DS Real 8Gb to get here and I'm getting ready to go on a trip. I just want to know, how much will the G6DS lower my DS Lite's battery time/life?
  11. DarthYoshi

    Hacking I know we've heard it before, but look at this!

    It's a flash player on the DS. It's been talked about, people say it won't work, but look at this. Scroll down to the bottom, it's the second download from the bottom. There is no description besides the name. I would test it, but I...
  12. DarthYoshi

    Hacking I'm confused, when it says...

    When you go here, if you scroll down to the G6DS Real part, it says "It is also one of the few Slot 1 cards with inbuilt memory which does require a Slot 2 linker in order to transfer games." It just seems confusing and I don't...
  13. DarthYoshi

    Hacking DSOrganize or pdaDS for G6DS Real

    Basically which one should I use? Would I be missing out on anything if I chose one over the other? Or should I use them both?
  14. DarthYoshi

    Hacking Two G6DS Real questions

    Just two questions about the G6DS Real... 1. The G6DS is not illegal right? It's just the ROMs that are. Can you confirm this? 2. I was looking at the G6DS Real Review and reading about cheat files. Can I make them by just using notepad? Like write out ;Game Name ;Game ID: ????-########...
  15. DarthYoshi

    Gaming Rune Factory or Harvest Moon

    So yeah, just trying to figure out which one to get. Stick with the classic or go for the new? (I haven't read too much about Rune Factory.)
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