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  1. rurudtsafg

    Homebrew MoonShell 2.10childzwai beta

    but then wat it doesnt do anything after that......
  2. rurudtsafg

    Homebrew MoonShell 2.10childzwai beta

    Can somebody please help me figure out how to set up the dpg on bottom screen thingy????
  3. rurudtsafg

    Hacking Cute metroid NES freeze

    thank u for the smashing tip!
  4. rurudtsafg

    Gaming Resident Evil

    I think u just gave me diabetes..............
  5. rurudtsafg

    DS #5491: Tobidase! Kagaku-kun Chikyuu Daitanken! Nazo no Chinkai Seib

  6. rurudtsafg

    Hacking Im looking to buy a SuperCard DSTWO.

    I tried buying from shoptemp a supercard 2 in november last year and I never got it. I tried talking to the people and no answer. well I guess they took my 50 bucks as a donation.
  7. rurudtsafg

    ROM Hack Dragon Ball Kai - Ultimate Butouden English Translation

    too bad I only have mac, I cant use this.
  8. rurudtsafg

    Gaming What is the best NDS emulator?

    neoDS it has good compatibility with almost all their roms. Putting on your DS is also quite easy as well.
  9. rurudtsafg

    DS #5267: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (USA)

    How is it possible I have a 4gb kingston and Acekard 2i 1.8.1 and it will not work at all. I have enabled the ap and still nothing please help.
  10. rurudtsafg

    Hacking 2010 Xmas Version AK2i

    I cant seem to find this christmas edition where can I get one????
  11. rurudtsafg

    DS #5181: Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals (USA)

    It doesnt work on 1.8 I have the undub version could that be why?
  12. rurudtsafg

    ROM Hack Kingdom Hearts RE: Coded English Translation

    I have a patched version of the game and it works with AKAIO 1.7 but after I finish playing and try to play again it gives me the two white screens, can someone help????
  13. rurudtsafg

    Homebrew Need NES/SNES Homebrew Installation Tutorial for AK2i

    For SNES first off download the Snes emulator from wherever.(SNemulDs is the best one out) After you have downloaded it extract the files it should have two files the actual NDS file and the cfg file put both those files on THE ROOT OF YOUR CARD. Next make a folder called SNES on THE ROOT OF...
  14. rurudtsafg

    Homebrew WiiSx Beta 2.1 Tales of Destiny Issue

    can someone please help me on how to firstly install the WiiSx emulator????
  15. rurudtsafg

    DS #5018: Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of the Starry Skies (USA)

    yeah teach those noobs. they probably dont look at a computer until late at 12 in the morn or whenever they get back from their lives. take that noobs.
  16. rurudtsafg

    Homebrew NEO·DS Conversion Guide

    what do i do if im using mac???
  17. rurudtsafg

    Do you like Kingdom Hearts???

    well watever theres at least 10 million more people who like than hate it so it doesn't really matter i guess.
  18. rurudtsafg

    Do you like Kingdom Hearts???

    LOVE IT. For people who dont like it probably never even gave it a chance I mean the storyline isn't that it? I love the DS version, the graphics kinds sucked but everything else won me over.
  19. rurudtsafg

    Hacking DS homebrew a new hope?

    Is it possible for an autotune like hombrew to be made? I mean that would be soooooo coooool!!! Especially if you could autotune ur voice and hear it come out from the speaker at the same time. then you could save the project and edit it on the ol' comp. I certainly don't think it's impossible.
  20. rurudtsafg

    Nintendo DSi XL outsold PSP in March 2010

    DONT EVER COMPARE THE IPOD TO THE DS. DS is way more worth getting than the ipod touch.
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