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  1. gondracorn

    Gaming Emerald - Secret Bases not resetting battle time

    Hello! I have a problem with secret bases. I MIGHT have finked around with the time, Idk, I didn't check the original time when I edited the game. Anyway, the secret bases won't reset their battle eligibility. It's been 2 days now. If I indeed did finked around with the time, what Do I need to...
  2. gondracorn

    Emulation VBA-M input issue

    Hello, on older Visual Boy Advanced - Ms I found that you can program each individual session with it's own input. Now, it's crap, because you have to open each emulator and HOPE that it comes up with the Player 2/ 3/ 4 profile of controls. There is no way I've found to assign it. Anyone know...
  3. gondracorn

    hello and goodbye

    Hello, I was about to post in a gba forum, but its locked down for me. Not much of a chatter on any social media site, cause I dont have much to say or time to say it. This detoured me from using your site. TheRE are probably still alternatives on the internet. I dont like waiting and am not...
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