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    New Update about Byuu/Near

    this is pathetic their friends know they're dead, their work contacts know they're dead the only people who don't know that they're dead are anime avatars who believe whatever damage control narrative 4chan and KF have to sell them you should feel embarrassed for making this thread but hey...
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    Hacking Homebrew New Website Showing Android Ports Coming to PS Vita by Rinnegatamante

    the Oddworlds and Lara Croft Go already have official Vita ports, and Stardew Valley but it's not the latest version
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    ROM Hack English Patch for Klonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal?

    the readme says it's broken on EZ-Flash Omega making the graphics corrupted, does anybody know if there's a way to make it work? maybe using NOR flash instead of loading it as normal? feels like there's a lot of people for who that's the only option on real hardware
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    'Death Stranding Director's Cut' for PC gets release date

    Calling this game a "walking simulator" is like calling Mario a "jumping simulator"
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    'Death Stranding Director's Cut' for PC gets release date

    Calling this game a "walking simulator" is like calling Mario a "jumping simulator"
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    Kirby and the Forgotten Land is out this March

    can't wait to play this on Ryujinx a week before it's even out
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    Resident Evil 4 fanmade full remaster mod pack announced for February 2022

    people please stop saying this about every fan project known to mankind
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    Hacking ROM Hack Emulation Homebrew game The Legend Of Zelda 35th Anniversary (SM3DAS Rom Hack) - W.I.P

    You should consider using widescreen patches for these imo, there's no reason you need to be confined to Nintendo's dumb decision to go with 4:3 ratios for their emulated N64 games
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    Netflix's 'Devil May Cry' animated series gets new details

    You take that back, the 1993 film "Super Mario Bros." is one of the finest pieces of cinema ever created Respect the fungus
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    Hacking The transparency case of EZ-FLASH OMEGA Definitive Edition starts selling

    No orange :cry: What dye would you recommend
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    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night appears to have a sequel in development

    This game would have suffered if they had to keep the Vita's specs in mind when developing it, just look at Mighty No 9 which turned out poorly in part because they had to keep Vita and 3DS in mind And they would have lost a ton of money if they tried to release a big-budget Vita and Wii U game...
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    E3 explains how this year's all-digital event will work

    bro you just posted cringe
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    Microsoft adds new Series X|S theme that mimics the look of the original Xbox

    No, actually this is a third-party theme, Truant Pixel had to do it themselves because Sony has no respect for their back-catalog
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    Hacking [Release] Vita-Nearest-Neighbour by MuxaJlbl4 Makes VITA Games Look Sharper!

    I got excited about this at first but it seems like it only works for textures in 3D games, Bloodstained Curse of the Moon still has uneven pixels even with the plugin turned on, all the 2D games that don't have square pixels due to poor decisions from the developer still don't have square...
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    Pokémon Presents February 26th - Diamond & Pearl remakes, Pokémon Legends Arceus (open world RPG)

    tbh I never asked for them and they really don't need to exist, only reason this is getting made is because shareholders demand a Pokemon game for the fiscal quarter D/P wasn't even good, they just ran out of good things to remake and kept going for some reason (the reason is money)
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    Hacking BENNUGD - streets of rage remake vita port

    lol this topic got my hopes up, RIP
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