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    Hacking Help with updating Luma - Games missing, save corrupt

    I'm really confused about what's going on. I'm not that technically inclined, so I apologise if I'm a bit slow. I'm just going to explain everything that I did to my 3DS in case any of the details are relevant. I heard that there was a new system update for the 3DS, so I went to update Luma...
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    Hacking [Request] Yokai Watch 3 3ds sav to cia

    Until a few days ago, I have been using Gateway to play games via 3ds/3dz files. I was on system version 9.2 and never had any issues so I never bothered with Luma/CFW. Unfortunately, my 3DS battery died and I was kicked out of EmuNAND, and it appears that the Gateway website that I used to...
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