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  1. DrHouse1337

    (N64/EverDrive) Anyway on how to restore saves to my memory pak using Everdrive?

    I recently backed up my save files from a memory card pak using my Everdrive 64 X7 because the pak's battery died now that I want the saves back on the pak I cant find out how to do so even googling it wont help me with my problem. Any help?
  2. DrHouse1337

    Hacking Question BCATS wont work with Animal Crossing New Horizons.

    When I got AC:NH last year I dumped the cart to my CFW thinking it wont be any problems but recently I found out I have been missing events including the Mario items so I tried following the github and in the end it wont work. I put a lot of work into my village and dont wanna have to restart in...
  3. DrHouse1337

    Hacking Atmosphere Fatal Error

    I attempted to update my Atmosphere CFW using the Updater and when it finished downloading Atmos crashed and now I get this error when booting "A fatal error occurred when running Atmosphere. Program ID: 0100000000000008 Error Desc: std::abort() called (0xffe) Report saved to...
  4. DrHouse1337

    Hacking Since updating to FW 11.01 on Atmos 0.16.2 physical games wont read anymore

    First time having an issue with updating my Switch which was on a really old CFW/FW and now my physical games wont read anymore and now give me an "read error" I cant find any info on how to fix this.
  5. DrHouse1337

    Hardware PDP Fight Pad For Wii Acting Weird.

    So I got a DK Weird Fight pad from pdp and I noticed some weird issues like for one when using the analog stick some times when letting go the controller still acts like I'm holding the analog stick in that direction. Second I also noticed that when holding any button the game acts as if I'm...
  6. DrHouse1337

    Hacking Where Can I Get The GateWay Firmware For The Blue Cart?

    I use the blue cart to play DS games but I lost all my files and I cant seem to find where to download them again because the site doesn't work anymore and no one else has it.
  7. DrHouse1337

    Hacking Its been a few years since using my (old)3DS XL on emuNand using 11.6.39U whats a safe way to update

    I heard you can just go into system settings and update from their is that true?
  8. DrHouse1337

    Gaming My Wii is dropping inputs no matter what Wii remote/Nunchuck I use.

    A lot of games I play act like i'm letting go of buttons when I am not. I swapped remotes, nunchucks, classic controllers but nothing... I was suggested that maybe some form of wireless interference but I turned off most devices and wifi and again nothing. could some one please help me out with...
  9. DrHouse1337

    Misc Wanna add each other????

    My Wii console number (Riiconnect24) is 0635-5060-5744-8293 my name is DrHouse1337 Animal Crossing City Folk friend code is 0392-5542-5894 name is JohnCena. Still waiting for Mario Kart Wii Wiimmfi to activate so don't have a friend code yet.
  10. DrHouse1337

    Homebrew After importing my Wii nand to Dolphin it says “Load Wii menu ?.?U” then crashes when selected.

    Title^ but I noticed my saves transferred properly.
  11. DrHouse1337

    Hacking Anyway to update a REBUG 4.84 PS3 to 4.85 REBUG.

    I cant find any good info on it if anyone can help me that will be great!
  12. DrHouse1337

    Homebrew What are the acutal system requiremnts for Citra?

    So I downloaded Citra on my PC and went to try some of my games but I noticed all the games I play run bad and the audio is stuttering to. I looked up the requirements but they are very vague, I can run Dolphin perfectly and play some Wii U games to. PC Specs: intel core i7 965 Extreme Edition...
  13. DrHouse1337

    Hacking RetroArch crashes when scanning directory (PS3)

    I only have 14 NES games I want to play but whenever I scan my usb it crashes the whole system. The usb is formatted to FAT32. Anyone know what’s going on?
  14. DrHouse1337

    Hacking My ps1 games wont show up on multiman.

    Hello so I am having an issue with getting ps1 games to work with multiman whenever I got to "retro" nothing shows up but it has no problems detecting my ps3 games. I'm using a FAT formatted USB hard drive with the directory as "PSXGAMES" > "WWF SmackDown!" > "WWF SmackDown!.bin/.cue.
  15. DrHouse1337

    Hardware Cursor for Wii remote flickers a lot

    Hello so for awhile now I have encounter a problem where if I point the Wii remote at my screen the cursor flickers a lot which is really annoying and especially if the cursor is point at a button in a menu. I have tried swapping senor bars, I have tried cleaning them and checking if there was...
  16. DrHouse1337

    Hardware Courser for all my Wii games flicker.

    Hello so for awhile now I have encounter a problem where if I point the Wii remote at my screen the courser flickers a lot which is really annoying and especially if the courser is point at a button in a menu. I have tried swapping senor bars, I have tried cleaning them and checking if there was...
  17. DrHouse1337

    Misc All My Wii Games Just Stopped Going Online.

    Hello so randomly out of nowhere all my Wii games just stopped being able to connect online for example Mario Kart Wii (Wiimmfi) gives me an 20100 error code and so does all other Wii games. I tried resting my router but nothing I am playing on Wii U and I deleted my connection and redid it with...
  18. DrHouse1337

    Homebrew Download Manager is telling me a System update failed to download even though im on 5.5.3 with CBHC.

    Is there a new update available? Because this just started showing up today and I cant find any info on it.
  19. DrHouse1337

    Misc Animal Crossing Wild World Codes

    Hello if anyone wants to play my code is 2969-5325-8357 my player name is JohnCena and town is DeezNutz yes thats the actual name idk why i put that.
  20. DrHouse1337

    Misc MKDS Friend Code

    546061-361522 lets play!!!
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