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  1. Loko4

    Hardware Format console without update

    Hi, I bought an used switch on 6.1 and would like to format it because it have 3 user linked with eshop. However when I tried format the switch it asks to enter in internet then ask to update the console. I know it already have a solution for 6.2 but for now I would like to keep on 6.1 There...
  2. Loko4

    Hacking New 3DS Cant update.

    Hi guys, I already downgraded dozes of 3ds but I found a error unique. I get a new 3ds xl red in a 9.6U version , tried to update in settings to 11.2 however it gives me a error and restart the console. So I updated to 9.9 using a cartridge of zelda and tried again to update in settings but...
  3. Loko4

    Homebrew New 3DS Cant update.

    Wrong category, please delete this topic.
  4. Loko4

    Gaming Screenshot of home menu

    Hi, I searched a lot but could find a answer. It is possible take screenshot of wiiu home menu like this? I found ingame screenshots but none about home menu. Thanks in advance.
  5. Loko4

    Homebrew 3DS Turn on and off after install ARM9

    [SOLVED] I was following the tutorial of plaitect of arm9. Everything workd perfect -Downgrade 2.1 - Installed Arm9 - Restored sysnand to 9.2 (deleted the folder 0000008f) Turned on fine. However when I injected the in sysnand and reboot my 3ds dont turn on. It...
  6. Loko4

    Hacking DSiWare Downgrade - Multiples Downgrade with one game

    Following this guide: You can downgrade a 3DS 11.0 #2 using another 3DS #1 in Arm9 11.0 with a eshop game. My doubt is how to downgrade a 3DS #3 in 11.0, using the 3DS #2, so this way you dont need buy another DSi Ware game. You cant...
  7. Loko4

    Hacking Updating to 4.5 via Download and Play

    Hi, my cousin get today a 3ds in so the only option to update to 4.x is via a cartridge since he cannot update using a cartridge 5x or more than downgrade because his browser wont work yet. I right now dont have a cartridge in 4.x. However Luigi's Mansion - Dark Moon and Mario Tennis...
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