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    Avoid updating ps4 system to v9.0 or 9.03!

    How are people bricking on 9.0/9.03? I always do the offline method with usb recovery and never even heard of these "updating" issues
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    Clock fix, replacing CMOS, confirmed

    So I have done this to 2 consoles and can confirm clock is synced to correct time. I had console on 7.55 that showed dec 31 1979, i updated to 9.0 but it did not fix the time. What did make it work is removing the hard drive, reformatting it, and reinstalling 9.0 via USB. At the setup page it...
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    PS4 harddrive question

    I got the pkgs transfered, i noticed of the 200gb only 143gb transferred. So it means the updates are not transferring, is there a way to save the updates as well?
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    Possible Way To Recover Bricked USB Pen Drive After 9.0 Jailbreak,37632.html I just type in diskpart into CMD, it opens new terminal. Then list disk, select disk 1 or w.e number it shows up as. Then clean, create partition primary, format fs=ntfs quick, assign
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    clock sync and disc transfer

    so double check, follow the save mounter for saves. For all the files, just copy and paste to another drive? What are the file names i need, like games, dlc, saves. Im sure i dont need every single folder
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    clock sync and disc transfer

    that sounds like ftp, do i make the connection and just drag and drop files to a backup drive? Then when on new hard drive, restore the back up the same way?
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    clock sync and disc transfer

    no, system was setup offline when I pulled the CMOS on 7.55. Reason i think reinstalling will work is because I had a different console, replaced the cmos, then installed 9.0. The time showed correctly
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    clock sync and disc transfer

    so my ps4 pro was on 7.55 but i updated to 9.0 today. The time is still Dec 31st 1979, I cannot set the clock. I assume if do the reinstall through USB full recovery it will then show the correct time at installation menu. Was wondering how do I copy all the installs of fake pkgs and DLC? Also...
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    Hardware PS4 Fat unexpectedly shuts down/power on

    Open up, blow out dust, change thermal paste
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    is my ps4 able to fix or not

    Back when I didn't have a PS4, I bought a cheap PS4 pro. I then learned what BLOD was. Also sent in to have it reballed. They determined the Apu was fried, so they installed a new one. The new one fried, and they were not able to determine why. Since they used their Apu only option I had was to...
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    is my ps4 able to fix or not

    I mean, replacing the Apu should be the last step if all else doesn't work
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    is my ps4 able to fix or not

    The hairdryer is a bandaid, as the balls under neath could be croded. Basically, small balls of solder very close together, is what connects the Apu. If one of the Ram chips gets hot, there is likely a short. From the hot chip, some filter right near it maybe causing it to short. As for the no...
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    is my ps4 able to fix or not

    Then try to deattach the top layer and pop remove disc. It would appear that top layer is jammed. The ram is not removable, the mother board cost like 200 to 300. If the disc removal doesn't fix it, then most likely it's some other problem on the mother board
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    is my ps4 able to fix or not

    Try pull it out, I kinda forced mine and the hard disc refused to take any discs after that. The proper way is to remove the hard disc, and look for a + on the bottom left. That is the correct way to remove it manually, going clock wise or counter, it should go through the motion of ejecting the...
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    is my ps4 able to fix or not

    those loud 3 beeps I've encountered before. 3 different scenarios, 1st is i couldn't do anything to get rid of it. 2nd, had a hard disc that refused to take discs, if i tried forcing disc inside then it would do this. Removed disc and it booted. The 3rd scenario is tighting the x clamp over the...
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    is my ps4 able to fix or not

    I would remove the old thermal paste, a paper towel and a tooth pick will do the trick. Then apply new like arctic silver 5
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    New 4TB SSD

    Crucial - MX500 4TB 3D NAND Internal SATA 2.5" Solid State Drive I know the limit is 2TB, but what would happen if I insert this new 4TB with firmware on USB?
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    Hacking What damage PS4 HDD takes if it gets too much panic shutdowns?

    Crucial promises that the MX500 will provide you with a “faster, cooler, and quieter computer” thanks to its adaptable pool of high-speed flash memory to generate blistering speeds. We also love Crucial’s integrated power loss immunity, which preserves all your saved work if the power...
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    Hacking PS4 jailbreak question

    Vita is like 90 and PS2 is like 30
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    Gaming Offline OSU1 shutting down

    That's reasonable, but why shut down? Usually when the update fails it throws an error out
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