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  1. logandzwon

    Hacking Question How to manually delete user

    Anyone know how I can manually delete a user? I can’t remove my legit account from my emummc because it was linked.
  2. logandzwon

    Homebrew Discussion FTP client

    Does anyone make an FTP client for the switch? Otherwise, what is the best way to copy some files from one switch to another?
  3. logandzwon

    What is it like being a member with a higher post count?

    I have been on this board since 2007 however I only have had 24 posts before this one. I just never really have any useful to add. Being that my post count is so low, I can not see the trader forum. Can anyone tell me if that area has a place for hardware modders reviews? I don't even know what...
  4. logandzwon

    Hacking Discussion large files, NSZ and fat32

    So, I have some large NSPs. To fit them onto a FAT32 I've split them. Most other NSP I've covered to NSZs. Is there anyway yet to created split nsz ? How do you guys keep your libraries organized? NSP,NSZ,splitNSP?
  5. logandzwon

    Hacking nand swap possible?

    I got a N3DS with a bad mainboard. I got another with a good mainboard, but is all scratched and worn out. I can physically swap the board, but can I take nand dump of the bad one and write to the good one to have the serials match?
  6. logandzwon

    Homebrew System Transfer with HyaCFW

    So, I have a DSi XL with a legit copy of Four Swords and a couple other DSiWare games. I have HyaCFW installed using the guide. If I do a system transfer to a ofw N3DS will it brick my DSi? (Thinking about I’d imagine it may kill the emunand on my SD card, but if I do a back up of that first...
  7. logandzwon

    Hardware N3DS solid blue light, no screens

    Hello, I’m hoping someone has some idea here. My son’s new 3ds xl fell about a foot, while inside a jacket, powered on but in sleep mode. Now it doesn’t turn on. - No visible signs of damage at all. - No activity from either either screen at all. - Led suggest battery charges/depletes as...
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