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    Hacking Question Update Prompt

    I am on 5.1.0 and for some reason I am getting a system update prompt every time I launch a game or wake the system from sleep. As far as I know there is nothing newer than 5.1.0? So I don't know what it even is. I have WiFi turned off so I figure it had something downloaded already and is...
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    Hacking Use Gateway Save Files on rxTools w/o Gateway Card?

    I sold my N3DSXL and Gateway card a couple months ago, but retained all of my save files. Today I got a 3DSXL and spent a good portion of my afternoon downgrading it to 9.2 and getting rxTools set up and a single CIA installed. What I'm stuck on now is how to use my old Gateway save file for...
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    Hacking Animal Crossing Black Screen

    So I've been using an MT Card for a while and replaced it with a Gateway card today. Animal Crossing: New Leaf worked just fine on the MT Card, but when I try to load it on the Gateway card (w/ 2.4b), the screen just goes black and I have to reset the 3DS. Any ideas? I've not had any problems...
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    Hacking PS3 Controller for Monster Hunter Camera

    Hello, I bought a PSP a few months ago, pretty much exclusively for Monster Hunter. Having only played Tri, I was immediately disappointed when I realized how hard it was to control the camera without two analog sticks. I looked into using the PS3 controller, and all I could find was some crazy...
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    Hacking NandEmu WiFi Not Initializing

    Hello, I'm using sorg's NANDEmu to store songs for GH6. Everything in that regard is fine. However, for some reason, WiFi doesn't always initialize properly when I start my Wii. Most of the time it will, other times it won't. Sometimes I even get disconnected after a few minutes of gameplay. It...
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    Hacking GH6 + UNEEK = Sync Issues?

    I've been using UNEEK+DI to run an emulated NAND for GH6 DLC. The issue I'm having is this: After a couple of songs, the wiimote gets out of sync, causing me to miss several notes. Re-syncing the wiimote in the Home menu fixes it temporarily, then it just happens again after a couple more songs...
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    Hacking Pangya Golf With Style (PAL)

    I'm having issues getting this disc to work on my NTSC Wii with NeoGamma R7. When I use default settings, it loads just fine, but the video is black and white and scrolls from top to bottom. When I force NTSC, it doesn't load at all and gives me a green screen. The only things I've been able to...
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