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    Hacking PSP 1000 with 5.50 GenD-3 CFW crashes LightMP3 immediately upon boot

    Is this a too-low-firmware problem? Can the PSP 1000 upgrade higher? It's been years since I've done anything homebrew to my PSP. I've just used it as an MP3 player forever. I just downloaded a huge bunch of tracks that won't work on the standard player because of the 99-songs-per-folder...
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    Homebrew Is it possible to install the DSi Camera app to the (N)3DS(XL)?

    Hey everyone, I kinda hate the 3DS's camera app. Even after I upgraded to a 3ds in 2011 I kept my DSi around just to fiddle with its camera app. Is it possible to install the DSi camera app onto the 3DS? Surely it's just a simple DSiWare title that's preinstalled standard in the system files...
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    Homebrew Is there a way to disable buttons?

    Hello, My ZR button on my New 3DS XL for some reason out of nowhere decided to act as if it's constantly being pressed down. That's not to say that the physical button is stuck, no, the console thinks it's being pushed when it isn't. Nothing I've tried has fixed it, including pouring vast...
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    Hacking Issue with Savegame Manager GX on vWii

    So here's my issue - I want to copy over pretty much ANY save from my real wii over to my vWii. I've started the games up on the vWii, yep, so that's not the issue, but in Savegame Manager, there is no option to install anywhere. What am I doing wrong? It's frustrating me to no end, I'm at the...
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