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  1. realdev

    Hacking Bricked Vita?

    Ok. That error code you're getting is because your XML file in your Update is not the right region. Try changing it to yours
  2. realdev

    Hacking Bricked Vita?

    You need to use QCMA to push an update to the console (3.69). Did you use Enso-ex?
  3. realdev

    Hacking Bricked Vita?

    When performing the update, plug your Vita into a power source when the Terms & Conditions. This will bypass a strange Anti-Update function added to Enso-Ex which is known to block updates in the worst situations.
  4. realdev

    Gaming Nintendo should seriously consider adding Spotify

    While I think this could be an alright* idea, it won't happen. Nintendo has no/very little plans in making the Nintendo Switch a multi-media console; this is supported by the fact it doesn't have basic apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or even a web browser. The only app we have gotten...
  5. realdev

    Homebrew Question Android for Nintendo Switch => Playing Gamecube Games => Left/Right Control Stick doesn't work

    You do realize that this guy, DungeonCrawler, has been a part of quite a few big advancements and projects in the Switch including porting GameMaker games and translations/ROM hacks.
  6. realdev

    Hacking Using Chromebook to Boot Atmosphere

    I don't believe so. But if you're worried about authenticity, it is from a trused website (sdsetup) If that doesn't work, try this too: That's a web-based Fusee Launcher. If they fail to work, I believe that Chrome has...
  7. realdev

    Homebrew How to reset/clean the log file?

    If you're looking to clear your logs in order to clean your NAND to go online, it won't work. You WILL get banned. That's why you were meant to make a pre-modded NAND backup.
  8. realdev

    Hacking Using Chromebook to Boot Atmosphere

    Take a look at It's a Switch Payload Injector on a website.
  9. realdev

    Homebrew RELEASE Apollo - File Explorer for Nintendo Switch

    An MTP interpreter would be great for editing files over USB. But good work! Looks great.
  10. realdev

    Gaming What was your opinion on the E3 direct?

    As most of us know, the E3 Direct was live yesterday, showing a lot of great games as well as some not so good... What was your opinion on the direct? Did you see everything you wanted to see or did you expect more? Personally, I thought the direct was great (maybe the best?) with lots of funny...
  11. realdev

    Gaming Zelda BotW DLC ideas (Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker)

    Yeah, but maybe you can aim it and make it on an angle like the updrafts around the tundra
  12. realdev

    Gaming Zelda BotW DLC ideas (Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker)

    While I know that they are no longer working on BOTW, I have an idea. After either: Defeating the final boss or 100%ing the game, you should get some OP things such as the Grappling Hook (of course), Mirror Shield (with a few extra shrines with light puzzles), Skull Hammer (super fun) and the...
  13. realdev

    Gaming Website that shows the latest version of games?

    nswdb dot com has a lot of information on the games.
  14. realdev

    Gaming Is there a game that lets you destroy anything? (like with bombs and physics)

    Human Fall Flat is a great little Physics-Based 3D puzzle/parkour game. It's lots of fun with friends too.
  15. realdev

    Hello Everyone!

    Hey, I've been using this forum for a while without an account but thought I'd finally join in! I am from England and I have (too many) modded consoles such as: Switch, WiiU, PS Vita, 3DS, PS4 and PS3. I have been working on development and hopefully I will be bringing some useful homebrew to...
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