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    Gaming English-language version differences

    just something i'm wondering about. if you want to play a game in English you usually have two versions to choose from, US and European (and sometimes the Japanese version has an English option as well). but occasionally there are differences between the versions: whichever one is released later...
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    Hacking ewin gba cart software

    anyone happen to know where i can find the pc client software for the original eWin gba flash cart? i appear to have lost it.
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    Homebrew Moonshell vs Sakura

    i keep hearing about people preferring sakura to Moonshell 2 for one vague reason or another (something to do with slide controls and/or stability) - could anyone elaborate on these? i can't find the sakura dldi version anywhere to compare the two, and i don't have an m3 product to run the...
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    Hacking Disadvantages/problems with DS One?

    okay, i'm thinking of buying a new flash card and i've been eyeing up the Supercard, but what i want to know is ...are there any notable problems or disadvantages with the thing, particularly when compared to other carts? i know all about the positive side and all its features and everything...
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    Hacking Acekard 2 issues

    just got one of these, i've come across two problems so far - "show hidden files" option in globalsettings.ini doesn't do anything (they're always shown whether its set to 1 or 0) and Trauma Center doesn't work at all (white screens) - i'm pretty sure it isn't a bad ROM, it works fine on my R4...
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    Hacking sound glitches in apollo justice?

    i've been playing Apollo Justice recently, noticed that Klavier's theme tune (second case onwards) seems to glitch sometimes; it'll skip randomly or just fuck up entirely. i assume this isn't a problem with the real thing. and i'm using a 1gb Dane-Elec Japanese card (rebranded toshiba). anyone...
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    Gaming It's a Wonderful World coming to Europe

    they're calling it "The World Ends With You" which is probably what it'll be called in the US as well... press release -
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    Hacking Saving

    Is it just me, or is the R4/M3S the only MicroSD-based Slot-1 card that can actually detect save types, and doesn't require some kind of list (or the user manually selecting one)? Not only that, it seems to be the only one that can save directly to the MicroSD card, as opposed to saving it in...
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    Hacking List of Announced Slot-1 Cards

    Just because this is getting fucking ridiculous, I'm keeping track of every announced/released Slot1 flash kit in this topic. I'm not even going to attempt comparison or anything, this is just a list with a few notes of particularly distinguising features. just because i havent made any notes by...
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    Hacking NDSGBA/DSGBA Slot-1 cards

    okay, i'm trying to keep track of all the various OEM versions of the Slot-1 cards made by this shady "NDSGBA" outfit, and/or "DSGBA" who are almost certainly the same people. ..or are they. I'm honestly not even sure anymore. DSGBA's site is in Chinese, domain registered to a Chinese person...
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    ROM Hack DS Camera?

    maybe this was posted here before, maybe it's fake, i have no idea. but here:
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    underscores are not valid in hostnames. many, many people are unable to view the nfos because of this.
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