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    DS #2107: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Rings Of Fate (USA)

    Awesome I've been looking forward to the english version!
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    DS #2049: Dekiru Otoko no Mote Life : Yoru no Mote Jissen Hen (Japan)

    Moar like farming simulation. This is software to hone your skills for picking up girls so you can breed with them
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    Gaming Installing A Custom Firmware Tutorial

    Hmm ... why would that be the case? If that does in fact happen, would me creating my own hardmodded battery still work?
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    Gaming Installing A Custom Firmware Tutorial

    Ahh ok. I'm probably just going to do what Sir VG did and order a Datel TOOL Battery and go from there
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    Gaming Installing A Custom Firmware Tutorial

    Nice link! Does that work for the Phat and the Slim? Also, how do you use it exactly? Does it make your PSP think the battery is a pandora battery? and then you just ... erase it and it thinks its a regular battery again? I don't have a PSP yet but I will have one soon enough!
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    Hardware "Ozone" smell emitting from computer

    There's an "ozone" smell coming from my computer ... I sniffed around and I believe it is coming from my power supply. It's 350 Watts and 3 years old or so ... Is it going to die soon? Is the smell hazardous to my health? I do feel a little sick sometimes :X This started over the past week as my...
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    R4 kernel v1.14 Released + M3 Simply

    It's not really a big deal to me if I need to update the firmware every now and then for a particular game that I really want to play. It only takes about 30 seconds to download the firmware and put it right onto the microSD. I personally am 100% satisfied with the R4 and the R4 Staff's...
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    R4 DS Firmware version 1.14

    Awesome Gotta love the support! Thanks for the link Twiffles!
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    DS #1694: Mario Party DS (USA)

    Is it possible to play this if more than one people have a cart? All I can find is the single-cart download play.
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    fully nude pics of war <3

    Who's War?
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    DS #1584: Spanish for Everyone (USA)

    I love the irony in your sig =P I took 3 years of Spanish in Middle School and 4 years of German in High School. I have nothing to show for it XD
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    I miss 4chan

    4chan is back up if anyone didn't know >_>
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    Gaming First Kingdom Heart 358/2 Days footage?

    Real. It was posted on gonintendo >_> I hope it's real lol.
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    Hacking Homebrew thinking of getting a psp slim

    Tagging this thread so I can come back to it later! I too am thinking about getting a PSP Slim. Hopefully they'll find a way to mod the slim easier >_>
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    Gaming Which games SHOULD be made on DS?

    Power Quest Counter Strike
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    Next R4 Kernel coming soon!

    I'm looking forward to the fixes on the compatibility issue with the games that require an ARM7 fix!
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    DS #1476: Race Driver: Create & Race (USA)

    Hmm as for me, I prefer to get something from my own region because I'm worried about differences in language or even particular items or game modes.
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    DS #1476: Race Driver: Create & Race (USA)

    I'm assuming there isn't much of anything different between the US and EU versions. I'll pick up the US one!
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    Hacking Nintendo's next-gen handheld?

    I think Nintendo's next handheld will just be a better upgrade of the DS. Better graphics, better touch screen durability + response, better speakers, and probably bigger screens and better wifi, etc. Mainly improvements to the DS.
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