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    Hacking Do I need to use SD Cards to store Homebrew Channel apps, or do I have a choice?

    Getting a Wii to mod, wondering if I have to use a standard-issue SD card. I am hoping that I can use an SDHC, microSD, or SDXC. Thanks.
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    Super Mario 64's Port to XBOX: which one is "Z?"

    I just compiled SM64 to test its fitness as a worthy port and I see that I am pleasantly surprised. There is but one question I want to raise: where the hell is the Z button??? In an N64 controller, this would be under the controller, but what about this version?
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    PS1/2 Are PS2 Serial Numbers Unique for each unit?

    Are serial numbers on PS2s unique from each unit? When I'm talking about serial numbers, I'm not talking about model numbers, like SCHP-77001 or anything like that. I have a PS2 that I want to exchange because it doesn't read burnt DVD Video like FreeDVDBoot. I ask because I don't want the guy...
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    PS1/2 And another thing...

    When the PS2 goes to the Browser and System Configuration menu, the balls animation just combines to one ball and it freezes there, although I can access the menu items. Is this normal?
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    PS1/2 Playstation 2 Cannot Read Backups

    I just bought a slim PS2 from a local video game store, and it won't boot PS2 game backups and backup movie DVDs. The message would just say "Could not read disc." As a result, nothing burnt, like FreeDVDBoot, PS2 games patched using Jabu's patcher, and so forth can run on the PS2. Here's my...
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    Gaming Can I use a USB thumb drive to store games for PS3?

    I know that USB thumb drives will slow PS2 games when you run it on a USB. Is the same true for PS3s, if I can even use thumb drives at all? EDIT: That is if the PS3 is soft-modded.
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    PS1/2 TDK DVD Media: Good or Bad?

    Just after examining a web site for a computer nearby my place, I cannot see a single Verbatim AZO item for sale, but I did find a TDK item. How do TDK discs fare for PS2 burning?
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    PS1/2 FreeDVDBoot and ESR Patcher by Jabu

    Has anyone tried this? Is this an experimental patcher or has it been proven to work on most games excellently?
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    Hacking Why Wii Backup Manager

    Why is Wii Backup Manager recommended when it comes to copying over to the storage medium intended for game-playing? EDIT: Just to add, why would Wii Backup Manager be recommended if copying files over to the storage medium does the same thing?
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    Homebrew Where do installed software go?

    When I install the Homebrew Channel, the cIOS, or any homebrew application, where do the installed files go?
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    Gaming How to reinstall Aurora-deleted updates

    OK, I did something very stupid: I accidentally deleted a title update through the title updates list and I can't get it back. It's not through Aurora's File manager or any other way. Now, I need to bring it back to the details list. I'm sorry, and I admit fault.
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