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    Hacking UNEEK+DI, TBRB and DLC funnies

    I'm running UNEEK+DI r151, virgin 4.3U nand from modmii. I have RB3 up and running including DLC. Also have TBRB up and running including -some- dlc. Funny thing is, none of the DLC from Abbey Road works! All the other Beatles Rock Band DLC works. The Abbey Road content does not show up...
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    Hacking RB2 or RB3 pc tools update?

    As topic states, are there any updates to the RB2 PC tools collection for packing the downloaded files on the pc and transferring them to the sd card? I have done the early generations (sZAE/sZBE/sZCE/sZDE) successfully and most recently parts of Gen 5 (sZEE). However, many files show up in...
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    Hacking FS Dumper + Blaze packer fails to create IOS

    I ran FS Dumper on a 3.3U system. I tried using Blaze wadpacker to make IOS37 from the extracted data. Along the way it failed during packing. output was Patching ticket... done. Packing 15 files.... #0 Adding 0001 #1 Adding 8001 #2 Adding 8001 #3...
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    Hacking IOS37-64-v2070.wad and NFSU

    So I dumped the IOS37-64-v2070.wad from my NFSU disk and compared it to the IOS37-64-v2070.wad floating around on the net. The files are slightly different. The IOS37 from NSFU is 1918400 bytes. The IOS37 on the net is 1918336 bytes There are also 263 bytes that miscompare between them. Any...
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    Hacking IOS0 anyone?

    Hi, I googled and searched this site for IOS0 but found little by way of explanation. What is IOS0? AFAIK, it showed up when I used muzer's install IOS51 program that downloads IOS51, patches it, then installs it on the wii. I used the app from BIG MOEs awesome install package, and after...
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    Hacking cios_installer or cios_fix.wad - what's the difference?

    Forgive my noobness, I searched this site but still am unsure about this. What is the difference between the CIOS_Installer.dol application and the cios_fix.wad? At the end of the day, is the end result the same, meaning the installation of cIOS36_rev7 on the system? BIG MOEs gamma installer...
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