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    Hacking October 23rd Wii Fix by ‘a_running_pir8’.

    thanks, I'll give that a try.
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    Hacking October 23rd Wii Fix by ‘a_running_pir8’.

    I've never installed any cIOS, but I did ran a disc that brings my setting screen back from semi-brick, is that where the cIOS 37 came from? So if I run cIOS uninstaller, it will tell me what version of cIOS I have right?
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    Hacking October 23rd Wii Fix by ‘a_running_pir8’.

    Hello, just went through all the posts, but still have some questions. I have 3.2U v289 with a non-wiikey mod chip, but I can't install any wiiware games using wad manager, it will always ret=-1029 for all the game wads, IOS wads are ok. 1. I thought I could install wad games if I have 3.2x...
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    Hacking [Request] WAD Version Of The WAD Manager 1.3

    I want this also, but your sig is gone. Where can I download the 1.3 wad file?
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