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  1. thedude28

    Hacking About the Gateway Launcher...

    Is it possible to boot into the Gateway Menu on a console that is 9.3+? I ask because I wonder if it's possible to use the menu to dump games on 9.3+
  2. thedude28

    Hacking Help getting started...

    I'm on 5.4.0 and just found out that I can firmware spoof. So I hop on over to and read the instructions very thoroughly (basically throw the update files onto the SD card and boot up the website on the browser). The problem here is, once I load up the website, the console...
  3. thedude28

    Hacking Fixing error 022-2634

    So following this quote right here: What would actually happen if I formatted Emunand in System Settings? Is it possible to unlink/re-link it from here?
  4. thedude28

    Hacking Switching from Gateway to Cakesfw help?

    Hi guys, I'm having problems with booting into 9.5 Emunand from a 9.1J I got Cakesfw to boot into it (via using 4.x NDG, everything else doesn't work), but it freezes every time. Sometimes it kinda boots, as it loads up the theme and some tiles, but the theme song cuts off after a few seconds...
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