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  1. Working_Goose

    Using PS1 Memory card on PS2

    Hello I have a metallic blue fat PS2 here with Free McBoot Version 1.966 I have on my old PS1 Memory Card (not original) a "The Legend of Dragoon Savestate, CD finished with almost 27 Hour playtime" savestate. My problem is, my PS2 dont show the PS1 Memory Card in the Browser. Its working on...
  2. Working_Goose

    Hardware First Switch Lite Joycon Drift

    Hello Peoples :) I found a "nice" video in the Internetz. It looks like he have allready the first Switch Lite with an JoyCon drift, but this time its the right Joycon Here the Video: What did u think?
  3. Working_Goose

    Gaming Untitled Goose Game is out and its Maybe a Bricker

    Hello Folks! Finally! The Untitled Goose Game *link removed* is here. But a friendly guy in a Discord Server said "lmao someone uploaded goose to *removed* but the nsp isnt signed" and "basically probably a brick" be carefull and dont load anything on ur Switch. Maybe its a Bricker to...
  4. Working_Goose

    Hardware Third Party Joy-Con for Wireless

    Greets Peoples! I searching for good Third Party Joy-Cons from Amazon (or whatever). I dont care for (HD) Rumble. But i want a left joy-con to play with two games like Arms or that boxing game. Are there any good alternatives to the overpriced original ones?
  5. Working_Goose

    ROM Hack Question MHGU Life/HP Bar Mod

    Greets other Peoples around the World. Is there a "Mod" for Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate that show a Life/HP Bar from a Big Monster? Thanks (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
  6. Working_Goose

    Android Best Full Games for Android

    With Full Games i mean Games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest for Android Hello Folks! With my Redmi Note 7 i have much more Power to Play Good Games on it. But much of the games on Google Play Store a Crap, Shit, Adware infected and more. But we have really good games on it like San...
  7. Working_Goose

    Homebrew Question Is Little Fighter 2 possible on Switch?

    Hello Human´s, Ape´s, Dolphin and Mrs.Pacman I love the game Little Fighters 2, good old times. But is it possible to port that game on the switch? That would be awesome! Maybe with a Multiplayer function? 4 Players in one game? I mean, the switch can connect 4 controllers. For anyone for...
  8. Working_Goose

    Homebrew No Sound after Switching Mainboard and put cfw on it

    Moin Moin and Hello Humans I have a problem with my European Nintendo DSi. i swapped my mainboard with an other dsi that have Flipnote on it. Both DSi sound was working fine but after swapping and flashing twillightmenu++ and other stuff the sound stop working. Sound with Headphones working...
  9. Working_Goose

    Homebrew What can i do with a 1.3E DSi without any dsiware on it?

    Like the Title say Using a flashcard dont work ether, right? The Only thing i can do is wait for another Exploit?
  10. Working_Goose

    Gaming Make a DS(i) to a single display that can switch the screen

    Hello Folks. I Know its possible to remove the upper screen from a DS(lite/i) and play it like a gameboy advance. But is it possible to switch the Buttom screen between the upper and buttom display? Like pressing something to switch between down and up, show the Pokemon battle and the attacks...
  11. Working_Goose

    Homebrew Question Using the Joy-Con IR Camera on other Devices

    Hello Mates, i want to use the Joy-Con IR Camera for a little Raspberry pi project (Something like a little car, controllable by mobile phone over a own app and with access on the IR Camera. Is it possible to use the camera on a pc or an raspberry pi?
  12. Working_Goose

    Homebrew Question RetroArch .nsp?

    Like the name said Is there a RetroArch.nsp? ps.: Retroarch for switch is finally on the Retroarch website to download
  13. Working_Goose

    Homebrew Question Create Shortcuts for Homebrew on the Home Menu?

    hey you (yes you!) Like the Thread say, are there Shortcuts for Homebrew (like psnes) that we can install on the homemenu? I want a quicker way to access emulators and more
  14. Working_Goose

    Homebrew Question Modifikate NSOE NSP with more NES games or other Console?

    Greets from Vienna young people :D The NSP File from the Online NES Thing is allready here und i have a Question about it That means we can play NES Games on a banned switch without Internet or an Online Paymant. But can we change the NSP with Layered whatever to change the NES games or add...
  15. Working_Goose

    Hardware Broken micro SD card, what now? (N3DS, 11.6 and Luma 9.0, B9S whatever)

    Hello People i have a N3DS with 11.6 with Luma, Godmode, B9S and other Stuff. But a few weeks ago my micro SD card Broke (corrupted, it died) and i have now idea how to get back the files i need to use HBloader, FBi and the other stuff. I maked a Nand..? Backup a few years ago at 11.4 i think...
  16. Working_Goose

    Hacking I think i make a mistake? (PsVita suddenly on 3.65)

    SOLVED IT, thank you Guys and Girls (and i have no idea how can I delete this thread, lel) Hello Guys and Girls I install yesterday on my PsVita 3.60 HENkaku, Enso, Adrenalin, pkgi and i´m very happy about it. Today i got a SD2Vita and i follow this Tutorial Great, switch the Vita Storage...
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