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    Hardware A banned ps5 :(

    Did you ever manage to upgrade Miles Morales? I bought the PS4 version for my banned console (also bought it banned already) but no option to download the PS5 version...
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    Hardware Switch not charging after disassembly

    @jkyoho Can't post photos cause I'm a new member but the thing is, if it was a problem with the LCD it would turn on and make sound when I used the joy con like the first time when I had the LCD disconnected, right? I'm worried I might have fried the motherboard.
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    Hardware Switch not charging after disassembly

    After I disassembled my Switch to fix a loud fan first I turned on the console but there was no image, I doubled checked and the LCD cable wasn't connected properly, then when I tried turning it back on it would not, and not appear the charging icon either when connecting to power. So I got my...
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