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    Hacking R4i Gold 3DS Plus White Screen

    My flashcart gets stuck on a whitescreen when booting a game. Sometimes, the game will work for a few seconds before freezing. Thing I've tried: Making sure the internal switch is on "D" formatting the sd card trying other sd cards Is there a way to fix this, or is the flashcart faulty?
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    Hacking EZ Flash 3 in 1, how to fix corrupted save?

    I've already SRAM patched Pokemon Firered with GBATA. I can save without any issue, but when I start the game, it tells me "The save is corrupted.The previous save file is loaded". Interestingly though, the game still loads from the newest save, not the previous one. I've tried loading the rom...
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    Misc I cant connect my ds lite to my Samsung hotspot?

    I have the Samsung a50, most devices including my 3ds connect fine but my dsl lite won't. If I move my sim card to my motorola phone, the ds lite can connect. So I think the problem is with my phone.
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    Hacking EZ Flash 3 in 1, cant write to NOR.

    Using GBA Exploader, I can't write roms to the NOR. PSRAM works just fine. Does anyone know what's wrong?
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