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    Hacking Best Method To Transfer CFW/Games Between Two 11.9 2DS-XLs?

    Install the games on the new console as you did with the old one. You can use Checkpoint to restore your savegames on the new console if you want to. And even though if you could do a "system transfer", you'd have to install the games again on the previous console. There is no point.
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    Hacking Is this PS3 able to have CFW installed?

    Use "minvercheck" to see if you can get down to 3.56 or below. Also, do NOT update to 4.83. Stuff only works on 4.82
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    Homebrew [Release] Bird Whisperer - A Notification Creater

    oh well it's from almost three years ago, geez
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    Hacking Is installing boot9strap dangerous?

    Well if you are planning to install B9S while riding a skate downhill yeah, it might be slightly dangerous for you and for your console.
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    New 8BitDo adapter will allow for GameCube controllers to connect to the Switch wirelessly

    Even though I prefer wired peripherals, I would Ⲟ Ⲉ to see an updated Wavebird with rumble, USB Type-C and whatnot.
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    Hacking Need help with an SD Card Issue

    Check the write-lock thingie on the side
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    Homebrew [release] QR Web Installer (cia installer)

    Mega links converted to QR via ends up in a crash dump error.
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    Hacking 6.60 or 6.61CFW? Permanent or temp? Pros/cons , opinions and knowledge needed

    6.60 Fast Recovery takes just about 5 seconds on every reboot. Not a big deal.
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    Hacking Is 3.60 still relevant?

    h-encore on 3.68 is stupid fast and reliable. Coldboot is a meme. If you want to feel like a special snowflake by running 3.60, more power to you.
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    Nintendo considering to create a 3DS Successor

    Oh yes, finally the 4DS
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    Hacking My 3DS boots to a black screen and turns off instantly

    Copy "arm9loaderhax.bin" from Luma v7.0.5, and "boot.firm" from the latest Luma release to the root of your FAT32-formatted SD card.
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    Hacking Discussion Please remember that some developers don't want to be associated with piracy

    [two rupees were successfully transferred to your bank account, tomGER]
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    Tutorial How to install/run ANY Switch firmware UNOFFICIALLY (WITHOUT burning any fuses)

    But it should not affect digital games, right?
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    Tutorial How to install/run ANY Switch firmware UNOFFICIALLY (WITHOUT burning any fuses)

    Can a Switch run a lower firmware than the stock it came with? Like, if my Switch had 4.0.0 out of the box, is it possible to "downgrade" it to 1.0.0?
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