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  1. HyperShadow

    Hacking Question Can't get certain nsps to

    I've been struggling with this problem for a while now but I can't seem to find a solution. Here is the situation: Having installed atmosphere on emummc back in september, I installed a few games from hbgshop and also from nsps obtained from nxbrew. One of the games was Super Mario Maker 2...
  2. HyperShadow

    Hacking R4i Gold 3DS from now supports 4.2.0-9 but ...

    I just bought a 3DS and ordered an R4i Gold 3DS flashcart from (this was a mistake - I thought it supported the new 4.20-9 but it didn't). Today the update was released on, but when I place the files in the sd card and load it up on a DSlite to update, it tells me this...
  3. HyperShadow

    Hacking HELP - Forgot which VC games I installed :S

    OK, this is embarrassing. Back when I discovered the twilight princess hack, I sort of went a bit nuts installing VC games, later uninstalling them incorrectly by simple removing the channel. Only later did I learn about waduninstaller, and the possibility that Nintendo can detect leftover...
  4. HyperShadow

    Gaming Please help me get into Super Smash Bros

    ok so here's the deal. I've always been a sega fanboy in my youth. I've boycotted nintendo for as long as I could, but now I'm older (24) I realise I was just being stupid. Anyway, nowadays I have a wii and love playing SMG and super paper mario and such, but I've NEVER had a nintendo...
  5. HyperShadow

    Misc NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

    Let's get this started! 2P online racing in NiGHTS is really fun, but too few ppl actually online for now, so let's get a friend network going. My friend code is 0731-3346-3282. Pls remember to PM me if you add me so I'll know who you are. Cheers!
  6. HyperShadow

    Gaming Super Mario Galaxy - Hardest Stage?

    I've got 89 stars now and I've just spent hours trying to complete the daredevil comet for Melty Molten Galaxy!! WOW completing that stage with just 1 health was tough .... all that lava!!!! I think the final bowser stage was also really tricky, avoiding all those giant bullets. I think I...
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