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  1. Turtle8104

    ROM Hack Mario & Luigi Rom Hacking: Why hasn't it gone anywhere?

    The Mario & Luigi games, (since this is in the ds section, pit and bis) would be perfect games for rom hacking! Imagine custom enemies, items, story, areas, e.t.c. I know there are some simple tools, but I'm just wondering how easy it would be to do create a proper application to create rom...
  2. Turtle8104

    ROM Hack Is Mario Party DS Rom Hacking Possible? And if so, how?

    I don't know how to hack stuff that much, but I know that MPDS hacking hasn't been explored too much. So I was just wondering if there was any way to make custom boards, minigames, implement custom characters, e.t.c. So many great DS games have received rom hacks, I'm surprised theres nothing...
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