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  1. charlierg3ds

    Homebrew My cross-platform online app store for HB games has been finished

    Recently, I polled some people to find out if I should create a multisystem homebrew game store. After a few days of work, I have released the site to the public. This is my first project that I have created that's about console HB, and the whole idea came from a...
  2. charlierg3ds

    Homebrew Looking for feedback on idea for a new HB app store

    Hi Everyone, I am a web developer, and in the last few months I have really gotten into homebrew stuff for 3DS. In my quest for playing custom Homebrew games and doing other cool stuff with my 3DS, I found that there was no generally centralized distribution system for HB Apps/Games. I found...
  3. charlierg3ds

    Homebrew new-browserhax-xl not working

    I just transferred from an o3ds to a new 3ds xl. instructs me to put arm11code.bin, SafeB9SInstaller.bin and otherapp.bin in the root. Using the exploit, it should boot SafeB9SInstaller but instead says "an error has occurred". The troubleshooting page on GitHub tells me to have...
  4. charlierg3ds

    Homebrew If I remove then reinstall CFW, will unsigned games work again?

    I need to remove the CFW from one 3DS, move the SD card to another 3DS, then reinstall CFW. I am aware Removing CFW will prevent unsigned games from working, but will they work again if I reinstall everything?
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