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    Sega Mega CD 2 PAL no disc spinning.

    As not fun as it sounds, you may wanna start checking traces with a multimeter. Just do a current check, make sure things that are supposed to be connected actually are connected. Worst case you can repair a broken trace. Next would be the actual ICs somehow, though I would assume the MDCD...
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    [Essentials] TurboGrafx-16 aka PC Engine

    Dude. Blazing Lasers is such a great game... Simple shmup - though the first time I played it it was on like L4 or 5 Turbo and I think that added to my engagement haha. It's still a good one, Gunhed/Blazing Lasers for sure.
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    [Essentials] Sega Saturn

    Saturn emulators, even today, aren't the best. Kronos does well, but def not perfect. Especially at playing games straight from disc.. I have a couple Model 2 Saturns coming though that I am going to mod (phantom/FRAM/RF BIOS) til the 21 pin Fenrir gets released. I would just buy a mode but I...
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    EZFlash Omega Definitive Edition (GBA flash cart) in house at GBAtemp

    Well there old one was unreliable garbage imo. I know some get away with it, but no matter what I did it still corrupted or lost saves. (Yes, including leaving it on for 5, 20, 100+ seconds after saving) I was going to do a drive access mod but after getting an ED I realized how much better it...
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