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    ROM Hack Can't start my legit copy of Pokemon Sun (physical copy)

    I reformatted my SD card to FAT32 and it just started working
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    Hacking Format system memory without losing game data?

    I homebrewed my family's Wii recently, but we decided we'd rather leave it how it started out. I'd like to format the system memory, but I don't want to lose the save data on all our games. Is there any way for me to backup my save data and reload it onto the Wii after it's formatted without...
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    Hacking Able to run modified ISOs and WBFSes on Dolphin emulator, but not on Wii

    I homebrewed my Wii yesterday and downloaded New Super Mario Bros. Wii onto a USB drive (tried both NTFS and FAT32) and decided to use Reggie Level Editor to change level 1-1 a bit as a test. I tested it on Dolphin emulator and it worked fine as expected, but when I replaced the original game...
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    ROM Hack Can't start my legit copy of Pokemon Sun (physical copy)

    Whenever I try to start my copy of Pokemon Sun, I get this error: An error occurred (ErrDisp) Error type: generic Process ID: 15 Process name: menu Process title ID: 0x0004003000008f02 Address: 0x00229358 Error code: 0xc8804497 Press any button to reboot. I have Luma 9.1, Homebrew, CFW...
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